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S.No.SubjectRDSO Speed Certificate/CRS Authorization No.SectionType of StockName of StockType of SanctionLoadType of LOCOSpeed (Empty/Loaded)JSC No.Sanction No.& DateAuthority of SanctionYear of Sanction
1Raising sectional speed of Mathura – Achnera section single line (km 351.069 to 386.181) from 65/75 kmph to 100 kmph of Agra Diviison of North Central Railway .800/I/D/OPG/PT/SANC/16 Dated 12.07.2010MTJ-AHRaising of sectional speedRegular65/75 to 100355-W/Raising of sectional speed/MTJ-AH/AGC Divn./NCR Dated 01.12.2015PCE2015Documents with Sanction Letter
2Raising of sectional speed offrom 80 to 100 Kmph of Chatta- Hoddal Station on PWL-BTSR 3rd Line section of Agra Diviison of North Central Railway .800/I/I/OPG/PT/261 dated 15.05.2013Chata-HoddalRaising of sectional speedRegular80 to 100355-W/Raising of sectional speed/Chatta-Hoddal/AGC Divn./NCR Dated 31.12.2015PCE2015Documents with Sanction Letter
3Raising of maximum permissible speed OF Khairar(KID)-Manikpur(MKP) non electrified section (km. 1308.470 to km. 1419.220) from 100 kmph to 110 kmph in JHS division of North Central Railway.Policy circular no. 6Khairar(KID)-Manikpur(MKP)Raising of sectional speedRegular100 to 110355-W/Raising of sectional speed/KID-MKP/NCR dated 04.03.2011PCE2011Documents with Sanction Letter
4Raising of sectional speed ofMathura (MTJ)-Alwar (AWR) non-electrified section (km 1397.06 to km 1515.90)from 75kmph to 100kmph in North Central Railway of Agra division.Policy circular no. 6Mathura (MTJ)-Alwar (AWR)Raising of sectional speedRegularFrom 75 to 100kmph06/BG/Speed Raising/MTJ-AWR (75 to 100kmph)/NCR/2012355-W/Raising of speed (MTJ-AWR)/AGC division/NCR dated 13.03.2012PCE2012Documents with Sanction Letter
5Raising of maximum permissible speed in Mainpuri (MNQ) - Farrukhabad (FKD) single line non-electrified section from km 1259.83 to km 1318.26 of ALD division of North Central Railway from 35kmph to 60kmph.Policy circular no. 6Mainpuri (MNQ) - Farrukhabad (FKD)Raising of sectional speedRegularFrom 35 to 60kmph56/BG/Speed Raising/MNQ-FKD/ALD Div./NCR/2010355-W/Raising of speed (MNQ-FKD)/ALD Division dated 31.08.2010PCE2010Documents with Sanction Letter

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