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उत्तर मध्‍य रेलवे

North Central Railway

बिजली विभाग

Electrical Department

    ट्रैक्‍शन मशीन शेड,कानपुर   Traction Machine Shed, Kanpur:

     Traction Machine Shed, Kanpur( TMS,Kanpur) is the second major Traction Machine                repair facilities on Indian Railways. Established in 1973 , with the objective of rewinding of        MG-1580 & MG-710 traction motors and auxiliary machines , used in WAG4 and WAM1          class of electric locomotives, respectively. With growth of electrification and induction of            large fleet electric locomotives, besides NCR , TMS caters to the requirements of repair of        traction machines of NR, WCR, WR, SCR, ECR, ECoR  and SECR.

  TMS has always embraced new technologies and upgraded itself to meet growing needs   of Indian Railways. In order to meet the corporate objective of Indian Railways, some of     the recent technological advancements carried out by TMS  are as under :

  • Preparedness for rewinding of stators for three phase traction motors type 6FRA6068     used in WAG9 and WAP7 locomotives.
  • Development of Uniform Insulation System for Rewinding and repair of traction motors    type TAO659 and TM4601 , based on more reliable and proven insulation scheme used  in traction motor type HS15250A ( Hitachi TM) , in close association of RDSO.
  • Implementation of Epoxy based Insulation scheme of traction motor type HS15250A (      Hitachi TM) in TAO659 and TM4601
  • Reclaimation of rotors of  three phase traction motors type 6FRA6068 used in WAG9      and WAP7 locomotives by re-shafting.
  • Use of Corona Resistant enameled wires for rewinding of Inverter fed Auxiliary motors     used in WAG9/WAP7/WAP5 class of  Three Phase Locomotives.
  • Re shafting and other minor repairs of Traction Motor Armatures (TAO-659, Hitachi          HS15250,EMU 4601)
  • Repair of TM Stators (TAO-659, HS15250 & EMU 4601 including Single Coil                Conversion TAO 659 Stators and electrical rehabilitation of TAOCHI converted Magnet Frames.
  • Manufacturing & reclamation of Stator Coils for TAO 659, HS15250 & EMU 4601.
  • Rewinding of Auxiliary motors used in both Conventional Locomotives.
  • Rehabilitation of Smoothing Reactors.

Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 22-07-2015