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 1Eligibility of divorced/widowed daughter for grant of family pension-Clarification regarding  98/2008
 2Special benefits in case of death and disability in service-payment of Disability Pension/Family Pension- regarding 189/2008
 3Simplification of procedures outlined in sub Rule 4 of Rule 75(6) of Railway Services(Pension)Rules, 1993 regarding Family Pension to Handicapped/Disabled son/daughter of Railway Servants/Pensioners-Reg. 73/2009
 4Grant of family pension to the families of Government servants kidnapped by insurgents/terrorist. 75/2009
 5Family Pension-Extension of the scope of Family Pension to the dependent disabled siblings (i.e. Brothers/sisters) of Central Government servants/Pensioners-reg. 159/2009
 6Grant of Family Pension to persons with disabilities- acknowledgement of Legal Guardianship Certificate issued by the Local Level Committee constituted under the National Trust Act, 1999(No. 44 of 1999) 214/2009
 7Grant of family pension to a son/daughter of a deceased Railway employee, suffering from any disorder/disability of mind/mentally retarded or physically crippled/disabled-clarification regarding. 12/2010
 8Grant of family pension to the dependent family members of a Railway servant/Pensioner reported missing-Reg. 98/2010
 9Special benefits in cases of death and disability in service-payment of disability pension/family pension-relaxation of qualifying service. 190/2010
 10Grant of family pension to childless widow of a deceased Central Government employee after her remarriage-Clarification-reg. 48/2011
 11Extension of scope of Family Pension to widowed/divorced unmarried daughter and dependent disabled siblings of Central Government servants/pensioners-clarification regarding. 69/2011
 12Grant of family pension to dependent parents of a deceased Government employee. 128/2011
 13Payment of Family Pension at enhanced rates to the widowed/divorced/unmarried daughters beyond 25 years of age- Clarification regarding. 150/2011
 14Grant of family pension to the dependent family members of a Railway servant/Pensioner reported missing-Reg. 154/2011
 15Interpretation of dependency criterion for grant of two family pensions under the CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 which corresponds to Railway Services(Pension)Rules, 1993, regarding 05/2012

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