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Training Centres of NC Railways


Engineering Deptt


P.WayTraining School, Manauri/Allahabad


P.Way Training School/Jhansi


Electrical Deptt

Electric Training Centre/Kanpur

OHE Training Centre/Jhansi


Mechanical Deptt.

Supervisor Training Centre/Jhansi

Diesel Training Centre/Jhansi

Basic Training Centre/Jhansi

Basic Training Centre/Kanpur

Mobile Training Car/Allahabad

Basic Training Centre/Agra


S & T Deptt

At present no training centre is available in NCR for S&T Supervisor and staff, required trainings is imparted in S&T Training Centre,

Traffic Deptt

Divisional Traffic Training Centre/Subedarganj,
Allahabad division(group D)

Safety Camp/Kanpur (group C &D)

Divisional Area Training Centre/Jhansi(group C &D)

Divisional Training Centre/Agra(group C &D)


Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-09-2015