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North Central RailwayCMS’s Office, JHS

L.N.JHS/H/MC-16/AR/CT/MRIDate:- 26.02.2015.



CMS/North Central Railway, Jhansi is inviting application from qualified Investigation centre for out sourcing the Investigations of CT Scan and MRI (Plain & Contrast). Willing Investigation centre owner need to apply CGHS (NON NABL) 2014 Kanpur rates within 15(Fifteen) days of publication of advertisement.

Following conditions are mandatory;-

1.The investigation centre should well equipped and a Radiologist with latest state of art machinery with adequate facilities for reporting.

2.The rates of CT Scan & MRI (Plain & Contrast)investigation should be based o­n Non-NABL CGHS 2014 Kanpur rate list, which will be applicable for three years, means will not be changeable during the complete three years which will be effective from the date of approval of this agreement.

3.Investigation centre distance should be Minimum from 10 to15 KM Radiation of Divisional Railway Hospital Jhansi.

4.Railway Patients will be referred to your centre with a proper reference letter from Railway Hospital Jhansi signed by authorized medical officer and countersigned by CMS/JHS.

5.No Payment will be charged from Railway employees, their dependants and Retired RELHS Card holder employees duly referred by authorized Railway Medical officers.

6.The mode of payment will be done o­n bill system based o­n Non – NABL CGHS 2014 Kanpur rates List.

7.No emergency charges will be charged except CT Scan & MRI(Plain & Contrast)investigation.

8.Investigation report should be provided within 12 hrs and in emergency case the investigation report should be provided immediately.

9.Ambulance fully equipped should be provided by Investigation Centre free of cost for carrying patient from Railway Hospital to investigation centre and back to Railway Hospital.

10.Investigation facility for 24 hrs will be provided by investigation centre.

11.All the disputes or differences will be resolved by arbitrator deputed by G. M / NCR / Allahabad, the Arbitration Act (26) of 1996 will be applicable for this, if disagreed with the decision of the Arbitrator an appeal can be made to GM /NCR/Allahabad and his decision will be accepted by both the parties, further disagreeing upon the matter can be taken to Jhansi District Court.

12.Application along with all documents as experience providing documents Non NABL CGHS -2014 Kanpur Rate list with stamp & signature of the investigation Director o­n every page in a sealed envelope should be deposited in the office of Chief Medical Superintendent, North Central Railway, Jhansi from 10AM to 5 PM in any working day.

13.Railway Administration has right to cancel, reject or modify these contracts.

14.Above information can be seen o­n the notice board of C.M.S’s office, N.C.Rly. Jhansi & o­n the web site of N.C.Rly. http://www.ncr.indian

Chief Medical Supdtt


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Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 26-10-2015  

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