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fnukad%& 17-07-2017                                                  >kWalh


fo’k;%& eaMy jsyos fpfdRlky;] >aklh esa vkWujsjh foftfVax Lis”kfyLVksa dh fu;qfDr ds laca/k esa

       vkosnu gsrq A


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eaMy jsyos fpfdRlky; >aklh eas 02 in vkWujsjh foftfVax Lis”kfyLV ij fu;qDr fd;k tkuk gSaA ftuds in fuEuor~ gSa%&


1-1peZ jksx (Skin Disease ) fo”ks’kK & lIrkg esa 6 fnu ds fy, ,d fnu esa nks ?kaVs

1-2-vk¶FkkWyekWykWftLV (Ophthalmologist )& lIrkg esa 6 fnu ds fy, ,d fnu esa nks ?kaVs

2-vgZrk vkSj vuqHko%&

   2-1- lqij Lis”kfyLV& U;wure vgZrk iksLV MkWDVjy vgZrk Mh,e@,elh,p vFkok  blds led{k 


   2-2- Lis”kfyLV fdlh ekU;rk izkIr fo”ofo|ky; ls LukrdksRrj fMxzh izkIr djus ds ckn lacaf/kr

       Lis”kfyVh ls lacaf/kr O;olkf;d dk;Z esa de&ls&de 03 o’kksZa dk vuqHkoA

   2-3- ;fn LukrdksRrj fMxzh okys mi;qDr mEehnokj miyC/k u gks rks LukrdksRrj fMIyksek izkIr

       djus ds ckn lacaf/kr Lis”kfyVh ls lacaf/k O;kolkf;d dk;Z esa 05 o’kZ ds vuqHko okys

       LukrdksRrj fMIyksek /kkjdA

3-vk;q fooj.k%&

3-1- igyh ckj fu;qfDr ds nkSjku 30 o’kZ vkSj 64 o’kZ ds chp dh vk;q okyksa dks izkFkfedrk nh


3-2- yxkrkj fu;qfDr dh vk;q lhek 65 o’kZ gSaA

4-dk;Z dky%&

4-1- gj ckj izLrko fn;k tk;sxk] ;g izLrko dsoy ,d o’kZ ds fy;s gksxkA

4-2- ,d o’kZ chr tkus ds ckn dk;Zdky o`f) ds fy;s izLrko izLrqr dj ldrs gSaA

5-foftV@?kaVksa vkfn dh la[;k%&

5-1- izfrfnu vkSlru 02 ?kaVs@ lIrkg esa 06 fnu

5-2- izfrfnu vkSlru 02 ?kaVs@ lIrkg esa 04 fnu

5-3- izfrfnu vkSlru 02 ?kaVs@ lIrkg eas 02 fnu

 blds vykok] vkWujsjh foftfVax Lis”kfyLV dks jfookj vodk”k ds fnu lfgr fdlh Hkh fnu

tc dHkh vkikr dky  esa vkSj fnu ds fdlh Hkh le; cqyk;k tkus ij vLirky esa vkuk gksxkA          

¼lIrkg esa 04 vkSj 02 fnu ds fy;s ½A

6-Hkqxrku fd;k tkus okyk ekuns;%&

M~;wVh ds ?kaVs


Lqkij Lis”kfyLV

lIrkg esa 06 fnu ds fy, ,d fnu esa 02 ?kaVs

izfr ekg 32000@&#i;s

izfr ekg #- 40000@&

lIrkg esa 04 fnu ds fy, ,d fnu esa 02 ?kaVs

izfr ekg 20000@&#i;s

izfr ekg #- 25000@&

lIrkg esa 02 fnu ds fy, ,d fnu esa 02 ?kaVs

izfr ekg 10000@&#i;s

izfr ekg #- 12500@&

7-  fu%”kqYd jsyos ikl%&

7-1- izR;sd dSys.Mj o’kZ esa lsysD”ku xzsM ds vf/kdkfj;ksa dh ik=rk ds vuqlkj Lo;a ds lkFk

   ifr@iRuh vkSj vkfJr cPPkksa ds fy;s ¼jsyos deZpkfj;ksa ds fy;s ykxw fu;eksa ds vuqlkj ½  

   jkt/kkuh ,Dlizsl lfgr ,lh Vw fV;j vkSj “krkCnh ,Dlizsl ds okrkuqdwfyr dqlhZ;ku esa laiw.kZ 

   Hkkjrh; jsyos vkSj dksad.k jsyos esa oS/k ,d lsV ekukFkZ jsyos ikl miyC/k djk;k tk;sxkA

   7-2- ekukFkZ ikl dSys.Mj o’kZ esa fu;qfDr ds 03 ekg ds ckn izkIr fd;k tk ldrk gSaA

8-  ikfjJfed esa dVkSrh dh nSfud nj%&

   vkWujsjh foftfVax Lis”kfyLV dksizR;sd o’kZ 12 fnuksa dh NqV~Vh ysus dh vuqefr gSA 12 fnuksa ds  

   ckn fdlh Hkh vuqifLFkfr ds fy;s fuEufyf[kr njksa ij ikfjJfed dVkSrh dh tk;sxhA¼iSjk 06 ds

   vuqlkj vkof)Zr ekuns; dh fiNys nj ij ½

lIrkg esa izfrfnu ?kaVkas dh la[;k


Lqkij Lis”kfyLV

lIrkg esa 06 fnuksa ds fy, ,d fnu esa 02 ?kaVs

izfrfnu 1360@&#i;s

izfrfnu 1700@& #i;s

lIrkg esa 04 fnuksa ds fy, ,d fnu esa 02 ?kaVs

izfrfnu 1250@&#i;s

izfrfnu 1563 @& #i;s

lIrkg esa 02 fnuksa ds fy, ,d fnu esa 02 ?kaVs

izfrfnu 1250@&#i;s

izfrfnu 1563@& #i;s


 9- vuqca/k dh lekfIr%& fdlh ,d i{k }kjk ,d ekg iwoZ uksfVl nsdj fdlh Hkh le; vuqca/k lekIr

   fd;k tk ldrk gSA iz”kklu ds ikl bl izdkj vuqca/k lekIr djus dk dkj.k ugha crkus dk   

   vf/kdkj lqjf{kr gSA

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   vkosnu i= iathd`r Mkd ls eq[; fpfdRlk v/kh{kd]mRrj e/; jsyos]>aklh ds dk;kZy; esa lekpkj

   i= esa izdk”ku frfFk ls 01 ekg ds vanj Hkst ldrs gSaA


                                                     eq[; fpfdRlk v/kh{kd


North Central Railway                                                                                                               CMS’s Office, JHS


L.N.JHS/H/G-66//HVS/Selection.                                                                                            Date:- 17.07.2017


Sub:- Engagement of Honorary  Visiting Specialists in Divisional Railway Hospital Jhansi.


Terms & Condition

Engagement of Two Post of Honorary Visiting Specialists in Divisional Railway Hospital, Jhansi. Description are as follows;-


1.1       Skin Disease Specialist - Two hours a day for six days/week.

               1.2           Ophthalmologist   - Two hours a day for six days/week.

               2-             Qualification & Experiences

              2.1          Super Specialist   – Minimum qualification will be post Doctoral DM/MCH or equivalent.

2.2.         Specialist – Post Graduate Degree from a recognized university, minimum three Years

              Experience in the professional work related to concerned specialist after obtaining PG


2.3.         Where suitable candidate with PG Degree are not available PG Diploma Holders with

five years experiences in the professional work related to concerned specialty after obtaining PG Diploma.


                3.            Age profile.

                3.1.         During first time engagement the preferred age is between 30 yrs to 64 years.

                3.2.         Upper age limit of continued engagement is 65 years.


                4.            Tenure of working

                4.1          Each time the offer is given, it is to be given for year only.

                4.2          After expiry of one year, extension of proposal may be given.


                5.            No. of visit /No. of Hours etc;-

                5.1.         Average of Two hrs every day/ six days/ week.

                5.2.         Average of Two hrs every day/ four days/ week.

                5.3.         Average of Two hrs every day/ two days/ week.

In the addition they will have to come to hospital whenever called in for emergency on any day, including Sunday and off day.(for 4 days and 2days/week) and any time of the day.








                6.            Honorarium to be paid

Hours of duty


Super Specialist

Two hrs a day for six days / week

Rs.32000/- Per Month

Rs.40000/- per month

Two hrs a day for four days / week

Rs.20000/- Per Month

Rs.25000/- per month

Two hrs a day for two days / week

Rs.10000/- Per Month

Rs.12500/- per month

                7.            Free Railway Pass.

                7.1.         One set of complimentary Railway Pass valid all over Indian Railway Koakan Railway in

AC-2 Tire including Rajdhani Express ad in AC Chair car of Shatabdi Express for self if suppose and dependent children (as per rules applicable for railway employees) will be made available as per the entitlement of selection grade officers in each calendar year.


7.2.         The complementary Pass can be availed after three months of engagements for the calendar year.


                8.            Daily Rate of deduction of remuneration

                                They are allowed to have 12 days leave every year for any absence beyond 12 days.

Deductions  will make   at the following rates (at the previous rates on the increased

honorarium as at Para  No.6)

     No. of Hours /days /week


Super Specialist

Two hrs a day for six days / week

Rs.1360/- Per day

Rs.1700/- per day

Two hrs a day for four days / week

Rs.1250/- Per day

Rs.1563/- per day

Two hrs a day for two days / week

Rs.1250/- Per day

Rs.1563/- per day

9.            Termination of Contract:-

The contract may be terminated at any time, on one month notice on either side. The administration reserves the right not to assign any reason for such termination.


10.          CMS/North Central Railway, Jhansi is inviting the application for qualified Honorarium

Visiting  Specialist Doctors those who are full filling the terms and condition laid down as above. The  above application should be reached at CMS’s Office, Jhansi between within the One month from    the date of advertisement of local news papers.




Chief Medical Supdtt








Rounded Rectangle: PHOTO   *FORMAT*

1.Name :-------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

2.Date of Birth:---------------------------------------------- --------------------

3.Year of Passing MBBS Exam :--------------------------------- -------------

4.Year of Passing Post Graduate Exam.--------------------------- ---------

5.Total marks in final MBBS Exam:------------------------------- ----------

6.Duration of Practiss following Post Graduate:-------------------------

7.Details of Experience following Post Graduation :--------------------

8.Date of completion of internship.-------------------------------- ----------

9.Permanent registration No.:------------------------------------ ------------

10.Name of discipline applied for.:- :-------------------------- ----------------

11.Address : :-------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

12.Enclosures:-------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

13.Date & Signature of the candidate. :--------------------------


I………………………………………………………….. hereby declared that above particulars mentioned in the application are correct and true to the best of my knowledge and if in the event of my information being found false or incorrect at any stage or not satisfying the eligibility criteria according of the advertisement. I also agree to follow all instructions given out in the advertisement and I have no objection, of any kind I am willing to undertake the specified tests.





Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 18-07-2017  

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