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updated on  01/01/2017


IT Centre/EDP Centre Jhansi was set up under Phase II of the scheme of “Divisional Computerization in accordance with Board’s directive and started functioning in present premises from March 1989. This Centre was started with Wipro 386 machines working on UNIX Operating system, with 4 dumb terminals and six PCs (8088 based) for data entry purpose. There was only one line printer and one DMP for all printing purpose.

EDP Centre has been transformed as IT Cadre Vide Railway board L.No. 2002/AC-II/37/8 Dated 17.11.2004 wef  01.04.2005.


The present Organization of IT Centre is as follows:

EDP Manager, Sr Scale grade  Shri  Kamlesh Shukla

Group- C Staff :

  1. Sr. Engineer IT                                           01 nos.
  2. DPS                                                            01 no.
  3. Jr. Engineer IT                                               13 nos.
  4. OFFICE PEON                                              02 nos.

Total staff =17


For the day-today working of IT Centre, following Computer Peripherals are available:

  1. TWO Servers, HP ProLiant, DL580G5. ( 8 GB RAM, 146GB * 4 HDD, each)
  2. ONE Server, HP ProLiant, DL580G5.     ( 8 GB RAM, 72GB * 3 HDD)
  3. ONE Server, HP ProLiant, ML350 
  4. ELEVEN Nodes for the data entry system.
  5. EIGHT PCs for misc. work.
  6. FOUR   Line Matrix Printers for daily printing work. Having speed of 15000 LPM,1200LPM, 1000LPM & 500LPM.
  7. FIVE nos HP DeskJet Printers.
  8. ONE Laser Printer.

First Two Servers, having the same configuration is used as Data Server and its Back-up server. The operating System used is Linux, Red Hat, Version 4, Update 5.

The Server at srl. no. at 2 and 3 are used for Application Server and its Back up Server. The operating system used is Window Server 2003.


Payroll System:

Since the starting of EDP Centre, the Payroll system had been done on COBOL language, in UNIX operating system. During this period, IT Centre Jhansi has prepared Paysheet for about 31,000 employees, which included JHS and Agra Divisions.

From the Month of March2016, Paysheet system had been switched over to IPAS (INTEGRATED PAYROLL ANDACCOUNTING SYSTEM). This package is made in ORACLE data base system. By switching over to PRIME, more accuracy, Data security and atomization of different utilities have made possible.

Other allied applications relating to PRIME are as under:

Calculation of DA Arrears: whenever there is a change in the rate of DA, the arrears are calculated and included in regular pay sheet in PRIME by IT Centre.

Leave Records: IT Centre is maintaining the leave record of all employees in PRIME. Respective depot post the details of leave availed by their employees to update the record every month. In PRIME the leave is linked with the payroll program, so that the pay of an employee availing more leave than due, the salary will be deducted automatically. The balance LAP & LHAP is being printed on the pay slip. 

Development of software for generation of FORM-16: IT Centre has taken initiative for generation of FORM-16 & FORM-24 for correct calculation of Income Tax of Railway employees, from Financial year 2004-2005. Now this module in PRIME package has been implemented from financial year 2009-10 itself.

Computerization of “PRODUCTIVITY LINK BONUS”: IT Centre has also taken initiative for computerization of “Productivity Link Bonus” from the financial year 2004-2005, which was being done manually by personnel department. Now in PRIME this module has been implemented. The PLB since the financial year 2008-09 are being made in PRIME.

Calculation of NDA: Night Duty Allowance of Employees, who perform Night Duty are being calculated in EDP Centre, in PRIME, and directly posted in Paysheet. By this module the arrears can be paid to the employees automatically whenever the rates are revised because basic data being already available with IT Centre.

CMS (Crew Management System): As a part of this programme, EDP Centre has Implemented the direct porting of the following particulars of running staff on  monthly basis from Drivers lobby:

Kms Earned,    ALK,   Leave days,   NDA earned, NHA earned,   &HighSpeedAllowance earned

By directly porting these particulars, duplicate entry by Bill Unit clerks have been stopped, and also time saving and accuracy on data has been achieved. EDP Centre Jhansi is the first Centre to achieve this milestone.

Calculation of Mileage allowance: In the PRIME package, the Kms. and other particulars ported through CMS module  will be converted and calculated into Rupees, and posted directly in regular Paysheet. 

Carder Module: Carder module is being Implemented in EDP Centre Jhansi. The Book of sanction and man on roll on Designation, grade wise is generated for checking.  Now the following reports are to be generated on the present stage:

a.Surrender of Post

b.Vacancy bank

c.Creation of Post.

Loan and Advances:  This module is being implemented. The module is tested and made ready for implementation. The module part pertains to Personnel and Accounts department are to be done by the concerned departments. 
dvanced Finance and Railway Earning & Expenditure System): This is the ORACLE base Package, in data base language, in place of FMIS. This package have already been implemented in Jhansi Division, and is managed by Accounts department. Through AFRES, all FMIS modules and automatic Cheque making, PPOs, Internal Cheque, Paysheet passing, PF updation etc. are carried out.

Suspense Register: Thisreport is generated every month, giving the details of debits & credits against various suspense heads. 

Account Current: Accounts Current is implemented in AFRES.

Revenue Allocation Register: Demand-wise, PU –wise debits and credits. 

Control over Expenditure: Demand & PU wise analysis of expenditure.

Calculation of PU wise Budget Proportion (BP):for each demand for all departments, monthly cumulative expenditure is compared with BP and previous year’s expenditure for the same period. This analysis is done PU wise for all departments. 


Electricity bills for all the employees in occupation of Railway quarters are prepared and recovery is made from their monthly pay automatically. For this purpose, current reading is submitted Six monthly by Electric meter readers and rest of the work is done by IT Centre. Presently this package is done in PRIME. 

Through this package following reports are being generated.

A half yearly statement, for the average consumption of electricity, foreach type of quarter. This helps Electrical department in revising the average deduction for quarters not provided with meters or provided with defective meters.   

State wise duty payable to State Electricity Boards for U.P., Haryana and Rajasthan is calculated and submitted to electrical & Accounts departments.

A reader-wise analysis of meter reading is also submitted to Electrical department. 


Centralized Photocopier Machines: The Photo copying activity of all the individual departments, in DRM office is centralized, and is done through private party, by calling tenders, on annual basis. This work is done under the supervision of IT Centre. This has assured the availability of photo copier machines, and also proper accountability of photo coping also is maintained.

AMC of Computer Hardware’s of JHS Division:IT Centre is responsible for installation, Maintenance and efficient management of Computers and other peripherals, as per Railway Board’s letter No. 2002/AC-II/37/8 Dated 17.11.2004. Therefore the procurement and AMC for the PCs & other peripherals of various department of JHS Division are done by IT Centre. “Comprehensive Maintenance Contract” for these peripherals is being done by IT centre, for 2 years to reputed Computer firms. 

UP LOADING OF TENDERS  OF DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT: IT Centre has also does the work of up loading of Tender/Contracts, on N.C.R Web sites of different departments, vide LNo. Vig/M/Corr/RB Dated 20.05.2005, This Tenders are also up loaded on Railway Board’s site, for vide publicity. As per instructions issued by CVC the data is being uploaded within 24 Hrs of receiving, from departments.

Training: IT Centre Jhansi conducts in house training to employees of different departments of Jhansi Division. This training includes general awareness, general operations, of Computer peripherals etc. This has helped to all the user departments to develop a Computer using culture among the staff. This type of training has helped a lot for the implementation of PRIME and AFRES in Jhansi Division, with in a record short time. 

In addition to this general training, we also conduct advance training to the user departments, through out side agencies available in Jhansi and also through CRIS.

Net working through LAN and WiFi system:Through LAN and WiFi system different departments in DRM office, Cash & Pay office and RPF office are connected to our main Servers in EDP Centre for Data entry and processing of PRIME and AFRES modules.

Data entry through Internet connection:EDP Centre has established Data entry system from remote stations, through Internet connection. This is to enable staff from engineering depots from AEN offices, to do data entry from remote Computers, with out coming to EDP Centre. 

Staff Beneficiary Programmes Implemented.

SMS Alert: SMSalert to all employees, whose mobile no. is posted in PRIME module is being given every month,  regardingthe total net Salary made, the balance PF amount available in the employees account, the Balance of LAP and LHAP available.

Cheque type Salary payslip: Cheque type Salary payslip for employees is being made every month, to give employees copy, so that the quality of employee’s copy of payslip has been enhanced.

Touch Screen/ Kiosk machines for employee’s information: Touch screen/ Kiosk machines are provided in the following locations of Jhansi Division for giving employee details pertains to all personnel information.

1.DRM office premises,

2.Drivers lobby in station platform Jhansi,

3.Railway station Banda

4.Railway station Gwalior. 

Information through Internet: Through the internet website of EDP Centre Jhansi,   ( IR PERSONNEL - Employee Info  Jhansi Division )  in the information pertains to EDP Centre and employee’s personnel data and salary particulars can be obtained by staying any were, were internet facility is available. This is a remarkable achievement obtained by EDP Centre Jhansi.

Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 13-01-2017  

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