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         Reservation Rules

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Reservation Rules



Reservation Rules

General conditions

The Railway Administration reserved seat, berth compartments or carriage in accordance with the rulesand conditions published in the coaching tariff.A passengers seeking reservation of berths or seatsshould purchase tickets from the Railway reservation offices/authorised travel agency only.

PRS ticket will be issued from one station to another station of the train route only.In case change of train separate ticket will be issued for each train from originating to destination station.

Maximum Passengers in one PNR.

An individual can book only upto six passengers in case of a party/family provided all passengers are for the same destination and for the same train.

How many Requisition Forms at a Time.

i.Only one Requisition Form is accepted from a person at one time. However, if onward/return journey are involved, 2 or 3 forms can be accepted for the same passengers.

ii.Accommodation will not be reserved without production of necessary journey ticket. No reservation of accommodation will be made on provisional basis.

Quote PNR

i.Passengers are requested to quote PNR number which is printed on each ticket on the top left hand side for any enquiry or complaint relating to reservations.

 ii.The journey tickets must accompanyreservation slips issued by the computerised system against pre-bought ticket/travel authority.Similarly journey cum reservation tickets bearing zero amount are not valid for journey unless accompanied by the original documentsauthorizing issue of such tickets.

iii.Allotment of accommodation is done by the computer as per pre-defined logic. Efforts are made, to provide compact accommodation to persons booked under the same PNR on ‘first come first served’ basis.

Limitations of Reservation :

The Railway Administration will endeavor to provide reserved accommodation but does not guaranteethe same and will admit no claim for compensation for inconvenience, loss or extra expense due to such accommodation including carriages, not being provided or reserved carriage not been attached to a particular train. The supply of any particular typeof carriage or the provisionof a particular berth and seat is also not guaranteed.

Change in Train Schedules :-

i.Departure time printed on the ticket is indicative for the guidance of the passengers.Such tickets are printed up to 120 days in advance.Changes in timing after the issue of ticket can not be advised to individual ticket holders. Passengers are requested to check the scheduled departure time from the Enquiry Services.

ii.While every endeavor is made to advise changes in Time-Table by adequate publicity, Railway Administration shall not be liable for any claim/compensation if a passenger misses a train on this account.

Transfer/Resale Of Tickets Prohibited.

If any person not being a Railway servant or an agent authorized in this behalf :- sells or attempts to sell any ticket or any half of a return ticket, or parts or attempts to part with the possession of a ticket against which reservation of a seat or a berth has been made or any half of a return ticket or season ticket under Section 142 of the Indian Railways Act he/she shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees, or with both, Journey tickets, including any half of a return ticket and season ticket are not transferable.

In addition if the holder of said ticket travels on attempts to travel, therewith he shall forfeit the tickets, which he so purchased or obtained and shall be deemed to be travelling without a proper ticket.

Reservation Fee And Supplementary Charge On Superfast Trains.

A. The normal reservation fee and supplementary charge on superfast trains are as under:



Reservation Fee

Rs. 60/-

Supplementary Charge For Superfast Trains

Rs. 75/-


Rs. 60/-

Rs. 75/-


Rs. 50/-

Rs. 45/-

IST CLASS (Mail/Exp.)

Rs. 50/-

Rs. 45/-

IST Class (Ordinary)

Rs. 50/-



Rs. 40/-

Rs. 45/-

A.C Chair Car

Rs 40/-

Rs. 45/-

SL CLASS(Mail/Exp.)

Rs. 20/-

Rs. 30/-

SL CLASS(Ordinary)

Rs. 20/-


II CLASS (Mail/Exp)

Rs. 15/-

Rs. 15/-

II CLASS (Ordinary)

Rs. 15/-

















If Militry Officers travelling on free warrants, officials of P&T department travelling on passes and MPs travelling on Identity Card are exempted from payment of reservation fee.

ii. In case of Rajdhani & Shatabdi Express trains, supplementary charges for superfast trains are included in the fare.

iii. The supplementary charge is not recoverable fromMPs travelling on Identity Card, tourist holding Indrail passes.

iv. A passenger found travelling in a Super Fast train without paying supplementary charge is liable to pay a penalty of Rs. 250/- in addition to the supplementary charge. However, passenger holding through ticket duly fulfilling distance restrictions and boarding a superfast train at an intermediate station as per the ticket is required to pay only the supplementary charge.


When Reservation Work Ceases:

The request for reservation on reservation counter will be accepted 4 hours before that schedule departure of train after that reservation will be done on current counter.

Reservation From Intermediate Stations: -

Requisition for reservation of berths in all classes from intermediate stations not having computerized Reservation facility, are entertained on production of journey tickets only. Such requisition should be given to the Station Master of the Intermediate Station 72 hrs. before the scheduled departure of the train from the station. Such applications shall be sent to the nearest Computerized Reservation Office on the same day and the ticket shall be obtained by the Station Master from the Reservation Office. Passengers can collect their ticket from the Station Master.

ExclusiveAccommodation for Ladies, Sr. Citizen and Pregnant Women

i. An accommodation of six berths in sleeper class of all the trains is earmarked for exclusive use of lady passengers.

ii. In addition to this a combined quota of 2 lower berths is earmarked in sleeper class, AC 3-Tier and AC 2-Tier classes for Sr. Citizens, Female passengers 45 years of age and above traveling alone and pregnant women in all trains.

iii. Pregnant women will be required to submit a certificate of pregnancy certified by one registered Medical Practitioner at the time of booking against the quota.


Tatkal Reservation Rules- Passenger can book their ticket under this scheme 1 day advance excluding date of journey. The tatkal charges have been fixed as a percentage of fare at the rate of 10% of basic fare for second class and 30% of basic fare for all other class subject to minimum and maximum as given in the table bellow.


Class of Travel

Minimum Tatkal Charges

Maximum Tatkal Charges

Second Class






A.C Chair Car













The above charges will levied uniformly both in the peak period and Non peak period . Tatkal ticket will be issued for actual distance of travel instead on end to end. Subjectto the distance restriction applicable to the train.

Tatkal ticket shall be issued only on production of one of the prescribed proof of identity. During the journey the passenger whose identity card has been indicated on the ticketwill have to produce original proof of identity indicated on the ticket . Failing which all the passenger booked on the ticket shall be treated as travelled with out ticket and charged accordingly. Refund will be given only on WL ticket, It will possible to book a maximum of only 4 passenger per PNR for tatkal ticket.





Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed : 06-11-2020  

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