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Engagement of House Surgeon in Div. Railway Hospital Jhansi




Divisional Railway Hospital, Jhansi has vacancies of 04 posts of House Surgeons.  Department wise vacancy of post is as under

1.Medicine-II    :- 01

2.T.B. & Chest  :- 01

3.OBS & Gyane :- 01

4.Ophthalmology. :-01

Selection of candidate will be done on the basis of on line interview. interested  Eligible candidate should be submitted their application in the format given on web site www.ncr.indian,  and the format and relevant documents should be send on  Email address upto 27.04.2020 at 17:00 hrs. Scheduled time of interview is at 10:30 AM on 28.04.2020. Candidate will appear for interview through video conferencing on Chief Medical Superintendent, N.C.Rly. Jhansi on Mb No.9794825020.

Age Limit:-

Candidate should not have completed more than 35 years of age limit on the date of interview. However, age relaxation of 05 years for SC/ST and 03 years for OBC candidates is admissible.


Essential Educational Qualification

-MBBS Degree (with completion of internship) from any University/Institution recognized by Indian medical Council.

Registration in any State Medical Council.

HONORARIUM :-  The Payment to the engaged House Surgeon should be made as per  Medical Resident(1st year) of U.P . Govt Medical colleges.

Essential Certificate- (1) Marksheet of High school , M.B.B.S( all Professional) (2) Attempt certificate (3) Internship completion certificate (4) MCI/State Medical council registration certificate (5)  Age certificate (6) Caste Certificate( SC/ST/OBC)


1.Selected candidate must report to DRH JHS within seven days after receiving information regarding selection.

2.Initial engagement of House Surgeon is for One Year only. After the completion of one year extension for further one year will be given based on satisfactory work assessment and recommendation by CMS JHS to  PCMD ALD .

3.No   Private Practice will be allow during the period of Residency.

4.Free OPD treatment permitted at DRH JHS for self illness.

5.08 days leave will be granted in a year.

6.House Surgeon will be engage in OPD, IPD and Emergency duties and any other duty assigned by CMS Jhansi. 

7. No TA /DA or Railway Pass will be given for joining the duty after engagement.

8.Service will be terminated after fourteen days of notice from either side. After giving notice if House Surgeon remains absent from duty fifteen days salary will be deducted   .






The remuneration payable to the engaged house surgeons as per norms. 


Educational/ Professional Qualifications:.


Year of Passing

Medical College & university

No. of attempts


High School/ Equivalent

Intermediate/ equivalent




Aggregate % in MBBS

-Registration No. of Medical council ____________State where registered _________

-Experience, if any : _________________________

-Attested documents required along with the original, are as under:-

i)One recent passport size photograph

ii)Certificate indicating date of birth (High school/equivalent)

iii)MBBS Degree with mark sheets (All parts) and Certificate of any higher Medical Qualifications, if any, of Recognized University (For the candidates applied for General Duty Doctors)

iv)Internship completion certificate.

v)Registration certificate of Medical Council of States/India.

vi)House job certificate, if any.

vii)Certificate in support of caste in case of SC / ST& OBC issued by the appropriate authority.


1.Selected candidates should be report within 07 days within their selection, otherwise selection may be withheld.

2.Engagement of Doctors would be on contract basis initially for a period of one year    as per administrative requirement on the basis of assessment of performance of House Surgeons. Service can be extended on his working condition.

3.No Private Practice during the contract period.

4.In contract period, OPD treatment facilities available in working hospital.

5.08 days leave provided during one year period.

6.On emergency period, he/she can perform duties in 24 hours in Indoor/Outdoor. He/She can perform duties with the guidelines of CMS/JHS.

7.The House Surgeon may not be give complimentary pass for self and family during each contract.

8.Expenses on outstation journeys connected with the contracted works will be borne by the Railways. Duty passes will be issued by the Railways for the purpose of journey in the line jurisdiction and will be paid a fixed rate of Daily Allowance, i.e. Rs.400/- (Rs. Four hundred only) per day during such journeys. This will be subject to fulfillment of other provisions to Daily Allowance prescribed in IREC Vol.II

9.However, services of these doctors can be terminated even before the expiry of one month after giving 15 days notice on either side. Railway Administration reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time during the contract by giving 15 days notice or payment of 15 days remuneration without assigning any reason whatsoever.

10.Notification and format given in NCR web site .































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10-;g foKkiu mRrj e/; jsyos ds osclkbV  ij miyC/k gSA             


                                                                                                                       eq[; fpfdRlk v/kh{kd



Rounded Rectangle: Paste current Photograph   North-Central-Railway-2

Application format of On Line interview for the House Surgeon in Divisional Railway Hospital Jhansi.

Application is for the post of House Surgeon in ……………………(Specialty)


Name (In Block letters);-


Fathers/Husband Name

(In Block Letters)


Permanent  Address


Postal Address

(With DOT phone and Mobile No. ,if any


Date of Birth;-

………………. Day……………….Months……………….Year




Category to which belongs i.e.

SC/ST/OBC/UR(Please Write)



Year of Passing

Medical College

& university


of attempts

Percentage of marks

High School/ Equivalent

Intermediate/ equivalent




Aggregate % in MBBS


Registration No. of Medical Council State where registered


Experience if any


Self attested documents required along with the original are as under.

i.One recent Passport size Photograph

ii.Certificate indicating the date of birth (High School /equivalent)

iii.MBBS Degree with marksheet all parts

iv.Internship completion certificate

v.Registration certificate for medical council of state /India

vi.House Job Certificate if any

I hereby declare that all the statement given this application are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that in the event of any information given herein , is found false or incorrect or concealed, the contract will be liable to terminated and civil/criminal legal action be taken against me for this .




    Signature of the candidate. :-------------------
























Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-04-2020  

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