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      Jhansi Division

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North Central RailwayCMS’s Office, JHS


L.N.JHS/H/MC-16/AR/ Lab. Test/GWLDate:- 06.07.2020



Chief Medical Superintendent North Central Railway, Jhansi is inviting application from qualified Investigation centre for out sureing of pathological investigation of Health Unit, Gwalior. Willing Investigation centre owner need to apply as per CGHS (NABL) rates applicable for current Year, Jabalpur rates within 15 (Fifteen) days of publication of advertisement.

1.Following conditions are mandatory;-The investigation centre should be well equipped(e.g Fully Automated Blood cell counter, computerized fully automated Chemistry Analyser, Binocular Microscope, Automated Coagulometer, Automated Electrolyte Analyser, Automated Immunoassay Analyser etc.) with qualified Pathologist/Medical Microbiologist and latest state of art machinery with adequate facilities for reporting. Investigation Lab which has their collection centre in Gwalior are eligible to apply for the work on CGHS- NABL rate, If they are of good repute and their detailed information is available on their website.

2.Centre should have facilities for tests like Thyroid profile, fertility profile, Hormone profile, Histopathology, Cytology, Tumour marker,Vitamin estimation beside routine clinical/Biochemical investigations.

3.Pathology Centre will depute his own staff to collect test sample from Health unit Gwalior

4.Computerized reports of the patients should be provided.

5.The rates of Pathological investigation should be based on NABL CGHS applicable for Current Jabalpur rate list including GST, which will be applicable for three years, means will not be changeable during the contract period of three years which will effective from the date of approval of this agreement.

6.No payment will be charged from Railway employees/their dependents /and retired RELHS card holder employees duly referred by authorized Railway Medical Officer.

7.The mode of payment will be done on bill system based on NABL CGHS applicable for Current Jabalpur rates list.

8.No emergency charges should be charged by centre for pathological investigation.

9.Investigation report should be provided within 24 hrs and in emergency case the investigation report should be provided immediately.

10.Investigation facility for 24 hrs will be provided by investigation centre.

11.All the disputes or differences will be resolved by arbitrator deputed by G.M./NCR/ Allahabad, the Arbitration act(26) of 1996 will be applicable for this, if disagreed with the decision of the arbitrator an appeal can be made to G.M./NCR/Allahabad and his decision will be accepted by both the parties, further disagreeing upon the matter can be taken to Jhansi District Court.

12.Application along with all documents such as Registration, experience, documents related to NABL accreditation, consent for performing tests on CGHS Jabalpur Rate and other relevant documents having seal & signature of the competent authority of investigation lab on every page should be sent in a sealed envelope within the 15 days of publication of advertisement in the office of Chief Medical Superintendent, North Central Railway, JHANSI between 10 AM to 5 PM in any working day.

13.Railway Administration has right to cancel, reject or modify these contracts.

14.Above information can be seen on the Notice Board of CMS’s Office, NCR, Jhansi.

15.The pathology centre/ collection centre should be located within 10 kms from Health Unit Gwalior.

16.The centre should give priority to railway patients sent for pathology lab special investigation over general patients.

17.The centre should have provision for adequate Bio-Medical waste disposal as per the existing local government policy.

18.Emergency services for collecting/processing should be available round the clock for emergency investigation. Sample to be collected by your staff from patients admitted at Health Unit. Failure to collect the sample after receiving information will be liable for penalty of Rs. 100/- on your lab and will be deducted from the bill submitted.

19.The investigation report should be send by soft copy and also be send by email address.

20.The work will be done on Bill Basis only and no provision for advance payment is permitted under any circumstances. No cash payment will be made.

21.Representatives from Railways will have the right to inspect the Pathology Lab/Collection centre before finalization of ‘Contract’ and any time during the contract period, if required.

22.In emergency cases provisional report should be intimated to Health Unit pathology and referring doctor through SMS.

23.The period of contract will be for three years from date of acceptance of contract by the approved centre.And may be extended for a maximum of six month at the same rate and terms and conditions.

24.In case of dispute in any reports, repetition of test will be done without charges.

25.If the lab takes the sample and does not provide the report for whatsoever reason penalty of Rs. 200/- will be imposed. The lab should ensure before taking the sample that it is sufficient in quantity.




Chief Medical Superintendent

North Central Railway, JHANSI

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                                                            eq[; fpfdRlk v/kh{kd




Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-07-2020  

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