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      Jhansi Division
            Mechanical Diesel

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Mechanical Diesel



GAZETTED-            SR. DME/DSL            -SH HARISH KUMAR

                                 DME/DSL    -SH SHIVENDRA

                                 AME/DSL       - SH PRADEEP YADAV

                                 AMM/D       - SH A. MAURYA

Diesel Loco Shed Jhansi is the only major Diesel Loco Shed on North Central Railway catering to traffic needs of Mail/Express, Passenger, Goods and Shunting services. The shed has completed 44 glorious years in the service of the nation in April’2019. 


    As on 03.02.2020, shed has a holding of 143 locomotives with the following break-up:

WDM2  01 locomotive


33 locomotives


35 locomotives


29 locomotives


13 locomotives


09 locomotives


09   locomotives


14 locomotives



Action Plan Highlights and other achievements

1.1Action Plan for system improvement

üIssue of work instructions

üSection wise failure analysis

üQuality audits

üRegular super-checking of outgoing locos.

üVarious drives to improve reliability for failure prone areas.

üRepeated counseling of staff regarding their mistakes and correct procedure to be adopted.

üKnowledge sharing seminars on maintenance practices on Wheel wear, problems and troubleshooting of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), cases of mismanagement by Crew etc.

1.2Highlights and other achievements

1.2.1Fuel Oil Saving in APU fitted locomotives

APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) is a self-contained system with its own small diesel engine coupled to low capacity compressor and alternator. The function of APU is to - maintain main reservoir pressure, charge battery, operate driver cabin HVAC system and other small loads when loco is in idling condition in yards etc. The main engine is started only when the locomotive is actually required for movement or traction. With APU there is a considerable direct saving of HSD oil and indirect saving through avoidance of wear and tear of main engine during unnecessary idling.

The saving of HSD oil through locos fitted with APU in this year 2019-20 from April’19 to Jan’20 has been 187932.7 liters (Cost Rs.11058774.01).

Under RSP 2018-19, 15 nos. of APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) were allotted to DLS/JHS for retro-fitment through external agency at shed level. Retro-fitment work of 12 locomotives has already been completed. Out of remaining 3 nos. APU, fan assembly is awaited for 02 units for which P.O has already been issued by DMW/PTA to M/s Daulatram. Total 38 locos (35 ALCO+ 3 HHP) are fitted with APU.

1.2.2Retro fitment of REMMLOT

For HHP locos equipped with M/s Medha make AC-AC system, 08 nos. REMMLOT units were received and all 8 nos. have been fitted on locomotives. Total 124 locos (99 ALCO+25 HHP) are fitted with REMMLOT.

1.2.3Formation of Multiple unit:

A total of 32 Multiple Units of locomotives were run by Diesel Loco Shed Jhansi in the month of January 2020. This is the highest number of Multiple units run by Diesel Loco Shed Jhansi. Running of Multiple Unit locos not only helps in right powering of trains as per traffic demand but also increases the reliability and availability of locos.

1.2.4Attention to foreign railway locos

In 2019-20, out of 122 foreign railway locos, which arrived in shed till Jan 2020, 99 locos were attended and given for traffic use in working condition. 23 locos have been turned out dead due to heavy nature of repairs to be attended at home shed .Previously in 2018-19, out of 102 foreign railway locos, which arrived in shed, 84 locos were attended and given for traffic use in working condition while 18 locos have been turned out dead due to heavy nature of repairs to be attended at home shed.

1.2.5Scrap disposal



Scrap disposed

2019-20 upto January

300 MT

197.304 MT

1.3Innovations and system improvements 

In order to reduce the failures and improving reliability of locomotives, various drives were launched and successfully completed in the year 2019-20 up to January’2020

ØWinter preparedness drive

ØReplacement of PGNDMG, PGNDPIP and PGNDPIN sensor: Honeywell make sensors were replaced with Allegro make sensors as the Honeywell make sensors failures were failing frequently.

ØReplacing of DCL Current sensors in HHP locos: Honeywell make sensors were replaced with Allegro make sensors as the Honeywell make sensors failures were failing frequently.

ØFitment of cut out cock in outlet pipe of feed valve of HHP locos

ØGov. Base shaft torsion spring torquing test carried out in M2 schedule onwards instead of M12 onwards to reduce fuel rack stickiness cases.

ØChannel at RTTM base provided to avoid ingress of oil/water in Traction motors

      Ongoing drives

ØFire prevention drive

ØReplacing of ADB of MEP V2 and V3 locomotives: capacitors in ADB units were failing frequently due to overage. The same are being replaced in this drive.

ØFor capacity test of nickel chromium batteries in HHP locos: Nickel-Cadmium batteries are failing prematurely. Therefore, a special drive started for carrying out the capacity test of these batteries to know the health of the battery. On the basis of the health, the batteries are being replaced.

ØFor ensuring fitment of BP/ FP safety guard in all locos: to reduce/avoid the damage due to Cattle Run Over, this drive is being carried out.

1.4Assistance required 

1.4.1Vacant post of DME/ADME/DSL

02 sanctioned posts of ADMEs are vacant since August’16 and December’19. These posts need to be filled up at the earliest.

1.4.2Indent pending of staff

Indents for 266 staff have been sent for different categories out of which only 16 candidates have turned up. An early action in this regard is requested for smooth working of day to day maintenance.

1.5Other important ongoing works / activities 

S. No.

Name of Work

Plan head



Present status


Creation of Infrastructure & test set up at Diesel shed Jhansi for homing of electric locos (Phase-I)



3.9987 Crores

After short listing from HQ, case has been forwarded to HQ after associate accounts vetting

Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 22-07-2021  

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