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सूचना अधिकार अधिनियम की धारा ४(१)ब के अन्तर्गत सूचनांएँ

North Central Railway

Headquarter Office

Engineering Department


Sub: Duty list of SAG officers of Engineering Department

In partial modifications to duty lists earlier circulated, the following will be the duties and functions of SAG officers of Engg. deptt. with immediate effectin terms of Railway Board's letter No. 2010/EDCE(G)/Misc/8 dated 14.09.2010.

1. Chief Track Engineer

(i)Permanent-Way cadre.

(ii)Overall coordination of all track related subjects including track diagram, yard plans, Index plan & sections, system maps, etc.

(iii)Speed Restrictions, Engineering Time Allowance and Working Time Table.

(iv)Coordination with Operating Department for arranging locomotives, rolling stocks, traffic blocks etc.

(v)Track modernisation, Track Management System.

(vi)Track Standards Committee.

(vii)Level crossings - Inspection, Maintenance, Manning and Upgradation.

(viii)G&SR, Accident Manual, P.Way Manual, LWR Manual and other Rules, Acts,

Codes & Manuals related with his duties.

(ix)Ballasting and ballast specifications.

(x)Monsoon/winter/summer/security patrolling of track & bridges.

(xi)Trials of new materials/developments.

(xii)Budget and Works Programme - Plan Head: Track Renewals & Level crossings.

(xiii)Unified Standard Schedule of Rates for P.Way.

(xiv)Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (India).

(xv)Membership of Institutes (National, International like IBC, IIBE, ICE, ASCE, etc.)

(xvi)Policy on opening of new lines.

(xvii) Accidents and accident enquiry reports.

(xviii)Safety and punctuality of mail/express trains.

(xix)Disaster Management.

(xx)Monitoring progress of track renewal and other safety related works.

(xxi)Track maintenance issues including drainage, formation treatment etc.

(xxii)Uniform of P.way staff.

(xxiii)Monitoring of inspections of track.

(xxiv)Utilisation of Establishment provisions in sanctioned estimates.

(xxv)Issues pertaining to DFCCIL, etc.

(xxvi)PCE's PCDO to ME, GM's PCDO to CRB, GM's conference, PCE's seminar/conference, Sr.DEN/Co's conference, POM.

(xxvii)Innovations, modernisation & technological advancements in all related fields.

2.Chief Bridge Engineer

(i)Bridge and Design & Drawing cadres.

(ii)All matters concerning to Bridges & Steel structures.

(iii)Design of Bridges & Steel structures - Latest tools, Methodology, Concepts & Solutions.

(iv)Bridge Workshops.

(v)Budget and Works Programme-Plan Head: "Bridge Work" & "ROBs/RUBs".

(vi)Floods & breaches, Flood control & river training works.

(vii)Railway affecting works.

(viii)Road under/over bridges and Foot-over-bridges: Planning & monitoring of execution.

(ix)Codes & Manuals pertaining to Bridges & Steel structures.

(x)Coordination with State Governments/NHAI/local bodies/Construction Organisation etc. for ROBs/RUBs and limited height subways.

(xi)CRS's sanctions, ODC movements/sanctions.

(xii)Innovations, modernisation & technological advancements in all related fields.

3.Chief Engineer/Planning & Design

(i)Works cadre.

(ii)Budget and Works Programme Incharge for Zonal Railway.

(iii)M&P programme of Engineering deptt.

(iv)Revenue Budget of Engineering Department.

(v)Expenditure control.

(vi)Works Review meeting.

(vii)Design of Structures-other than bridges and steel structures - Latest tools, methodology, concepts & solutions.

(viii)Standardization of Plans for various utilities & uses.

(ix)Passenger Amenities – World class, Model, Modern, Adarsh Stations & Multi-functional Complex.

(x)Unified Standard Schedule of Rates & Standard Specifications for Works & Materials.

(xi)Works Standards Committee.

(xii)Works Manual.

(xiii)Water Supply and drainage - Planning, sanction, execution & monitoring quality (other than track & yards).

(xiv)Quality control & Quality audit of works.

(xv)Stores procurement through COS, PL No. Updation & Revision on works matters.

(xvi) e-Working in official functioning - Availability of type plans on web (Internet)

(xvii)Computerisation on Engineering Department.

(xviii)Matters related to information technology & MIS.

(xix) Civil Engineering Library.

(xx) Innovations, Modernisation & Technological Advancements in all related fields.

(xxi)Leasing of private houses, rent and other charges.

(xxii)Matter related to house/quarter allotment including policy.

(xxiii)Tender, contract & arbitration-Policies, implementation and monitoring.

(xxiv)Meeting of PNM,PREM, federation etc.

(xxv)RRC, Parliamentary and other committees.

(xxvi)References from MR, MP,MLA, Railway Board and CA-III.

(xxvii)Parliament questions.

(xxviii)ZRUCC meetings.

(xxix)Audit and account inspection reports.

(xxx)Work study reports.

(xxxi)Schedule of powers.

(xxxii)Compendium of Instructions.

(xxxiii)Interaction with other authorities-GRP,RMS, P&T Deptt., Associations etc.

(xxxiv)Maintenance of office assets including vehicles.

(xxxv)Inspection notes of officers.

(xxxvi)Ministerial Staff Cadre.

(xxxvii)Manpower planning & human resource development.

(xxxviii)Completion report and estimates.

(xxxix)Any other work assigned by PCE.

4.Chief Engineer/Track Supply

(i)All matters related to procurement of track materials & track fittings.

(ii)All matters related to PRC sleepers including sleeper plants.

(iii)Inspection of ERCs, Metal Liners etc.

(iv)Innovations, Modernisation & Technological Advancements in all related fields.

(v)Training Manager for Engineering officials.

(vi)All matter related to Land management including transfer, licensing & encroachment on

Railway Land.

(vii)Land boundaries.

(viii)Land matter and consultants for Railway Siding.

(ix)Land matter and consultants for Railway Land.

(x)All mater related to property development, licensing /leasing of shops etc.

(xi)All legal matters and court cases.

(xii)Right to Information act.


(xiv)Tree plantation

(xv)Compendium of Instructions..

(xvi) Heritage.


(xviii)Any other work assigned by PCE.

5.Chief Engineer/Track Machines

(i)Track Machine cadre.

(ii)Framing and initiation of proposals and carrying out detailed planning for Track Machines through CTE.

(iii)Maintenance, operation and control of all types of Track Machines.

(iv)Procurement and maintenance of small Track Machines.


(vi)Track Machines Manual.

(vii)Innovations, Modernisation & Technological Advancements in all related fields.

Note: (i) In case of any ambiguity regarding a specific item of duties/functions and overlapping duty/function, the items will be handled by the HOD as nominated by PCE.

(ii) In the event of any SAG level officer not being available at the HQ for any reason, the duties of SAG officer shall be performed by the following SAG officers in the specified order:-

Designation of HOD

In absence of (I)

In absence of (I) & (II)



















Click here to see Organization Chart of Engineering Department in NCR Headquarter Office Chart Engg. Deptt.pdf

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