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Chapter – 4


आपदा तैयारी - औन बोर्ड संशाधनों का उपयोग

(Chapter – 4)



1.Types of Portable Telephones :

(i)Portable Telephones are available in Brake van of Passenger carrying Trains.

(ii)Telephones presently in use are of the 4-wire/2-wire type of portable phones which can be used in RE area as well as in overhead communication territory.

(iii)There are two types of Portable Telephones

-Land line type (Overhead Telephone line transmission)

-Socket Type (Underground cable transmission)

(iv)In overhead territory additional poles are to be carried by Guards for connecting phones to the overhead lines.

2.How to use Portable Telephones :

(a)Overhead type :

(i)Fix “Y” bracket on the poles.

(ii)Use required number of poles available.

(iii)Connect the two wires to phone terminals.

(iv)Circuit on Red colour bracket side connects the section controller telephone line.

(v)Circuit on the Green colour bracket side connects the Deputy Chief Controller telephone line.

(vi)Link “Y” bracket on the circuit and rub it for clear communication.

(b)Underground cable type :

(i)Look at Receiver Arrow sign for socket location on Over Head Equipment mast /location post and move towards the Arrow pointing direction.

(ii)On reaching EMC Socket location, open the socket by using the key kept in the phone box where required.

(iii)Plug in the phone terminal properly for communication.

(iv)In electrified section this phone connects the Traction power controller and then link to section controller.


(i)Ensure that the set is charged.

(ii)Check that the proper channel is selected for communication.

(iii)Do not intervene when the channel is engaged.

(iv)Never press “SOS” button provided in walkie-talkie unless it is a real emergency. In case of emergency if“SOS” button is provided on the mobile, it should be used to override an on going conversation.

(C)Use of BSNL/Cell phone/Mobile phones :

(i)BSNL phone numbers with STD code for Railway Station are given inAnnexure - X.

(ii)Refer WTT for nearest Station contact number.

(iii)BSNL phone numbers of important Stations are also available in Public Time Table.



1.How to use ETL BOX :

(i)This box is available in the Brake Van of Passenger carrying trains.

(ii)Open the box by removing the seal.

(iii)Fix the crocodile clip of hand Torch to the coach power supply terminal and use it for searching/surveying.

(iv)Fix the flood light to the Tripod Stand and connect its crocodile clip to the power supply terminal.

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