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Chapter – 16


प्रशिक्षण और मौक ड्रिल


(Chapter – 16)


Trained manpower is an essential ingredient of any DM system. Mere provision of sophisticated equipment without trained manpower is futile. For handling an unforeseen situation like managing a Disaster, training of all railway personnel concerned is an inevitable input. To acquire necessary knowledge and skill, all relevant officials should be given periodic training regarding their duties and that of their department.

1.Training :

Training should be conducted at the following three levels :

·Individual Training :

(i)For enhancing the skill of staff attached to ARMVs, ARTs, etc., supervisors and staff shall be given general training in Disaster Management.

(ii)Special training may be arranged in Extrication, Rescue, Medical relief, Rolling stock restoration technique and Civil Defence by departments concerned.

·Seminars/Workshops : Seminars should be periodically conducted o­n Disaster preparedness, and the DM Plan.

·Joint Exercises : Full scale Disaster Management Mock Drill to be conducted as detailed below.

2.Full Scale Mock Drill :

Disaster Management essentially necessitates a state of preparedness under all circumstances and the efficacy of arrangements therein can be assessed o­nly by conducting periodical full scale mock drills.

(i)Objective of the full scale mock drill would be to :

-gauge the preparedness of DM system including detailed planning and keeping of all equipment in good fettle.

-integrate the operational response to measure overall performance of the exercise.

-measure performance with regard to accident restoration.

(ii)On the division, the first mock drill should be conducted within 3 months of issue of the Zonal DM Plan.

(iii)On the division, the second mock drill should be conducted 3 months after the first o­ne, in order to correct all shortcomings noticed during the first mock drill.

(iv)Thereafter, mock drills shall be conducted o­nce every 2 years after the new DRM takes over.

(v)It should be conducted during the day and in a branch line section.

(vi)6 hrs. traffic block shall be taken and the ARMV/ART run out to the accident site.

(vii)UCC and CAC should be set up and each department will post their functionaries in the Control Office as also in UCC and CAC.

(viii)All facilities should be provided in UCC and CAC by departments concerned.

(ix)During these full scale mock drill, following aspects shall be closely watched :

-Turning out of ARMV/ART within the prescribed time.

-Speed of the specials.

-Assembly of staff.

-Handling of ART, HRDs, HREs and other rescue equipment.

-Logging of events.

-Functioning of field telephones and communication network.

-Functioning of generator sets, lighting equipment.

-Preparedness of first-aiders and availability of medical equipment.

-Preparedness of commercial department to mobilize adequate manpower.

(x)On completion of the drill, a detailed report shall be prepared detailing deficiencies noticed, corrective measures initiated and improvements required.


Source : CMS Team Last Reviewed : 30-04-2019  

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