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      Jhansi Division
            Electrical TRS

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Electrical TRS



ØElectric Loco Shed, Jhansi originally designed for holding of 100 locos was established in 1987 with an initial holding of 17 locos.

ØPresent holding of the shed is 230 (+1 loco under condemnation) locomotives viz. 38 WAP-4 (CLW Make), 76 WAG-7 (34 BHEL & 42 CLW make) and 116 WAG-5 (75 BHEL & 42 CLW make). (01 WAG-5/BHEL type locomotive is under condemnation due to major damage).

ØThe newly received WAG-7 locomotives from BHEL and CLW are having some special features i.e. Crew Friendly Cab with FRP Driver Desk and cab air conditioning, VCD & Stick type Master Controller.   

ØELS/JHS is first shed in Indian Railway to have successfully upgraded a conventional WAG-7 (24517) loco to Regenerative braking. This was done by joint effort of ELS/JHS and BHEL after doing hardware and software modifications, rigorous field trials have been done before inducting locomotive in fleet of Indian Railway.

   This is an important step towards saving of energy and makes conventional electric locomotives more energy efficient. Thus playing actual role in nation building towards a sustainable development. 

ØELS/JHS is the first shed in Indian Railways to acquire three prestigious International Standards viz.,ISO-14001:2015,OHSAS-18001:2007 & ISO-9001:2015 together in the year 2005 and continuously renewed till current year.







Shri Mayank Shandilya



Shri Nitin Kumar Gupta



Shri Shivam Shrivastava.



Shri Anjaneya Bharadwaj



Shri N.K. Srivastava



























Ø 100% working of loco Cab AC .

Ø‘10’ Locomotives are provided with High Reach Pantograph.

Ø ‘NIL’ cases of derailment on ELS/JHS account.

Ø ‘NIL’ Cases of Panto entanglement due to Panto defect during current year.

Ø ‘NIL’ cases of Panto not raising in winter season in current year.

Ø ‘NIL’ cases of grievous injuries in the shed.

Ø ‘NIL’ cases of man hour wastage on account of agitation.



ØRecord Goods Net Loco Outage : On 28.10.19 ELS/JHS has achieved record Goods Net Loco Outage of 203.3 (+35.6 Locos i.e. +21.23% above the set target of 167.7 locos). It is highest ever achieved in the history of shed breaking previous record of 200.5 locos in term of number of locomotives.

Average Availability (Outage) of shed in the last year 2020-21 is found +16.82 i.e 10.62 %.

ØAverage availability (Outage) of shed in the current year 2021-22 up to June’ 2021 it is again (+15.91) well above the target i.e 11.5%.

ØHighest recorded CUF% of 19.5% was achieved on date 23.02.21. During the month of Feb-21 (from 01.02.21 to 24.02.21) 16.5% average CUF% of solar power plant at ELS/JHS. It is highest in JHS division.This could be possible by daily maintenance and regular cleaning activities of solar panels.


Normally more than 50 multiple units (WAG-5 locos) are normally working  on line.


All 216 No. locos are equipped with VCD.


Total 111 locos are fitted with Micro Processor Based with Fault Diagnostic system.


          Total 91 Nos. locos are fitted with Static Converter.

ØHigh Reach Pantograph

Total 10 Locos are provided with High Reach Panto graph.


08 Locos are provided with RTIS (Real Time train information System.


ØDevelopment of HV testing facility to arrest the failure of VCB insulator bursting on line.

ØLeakage current analyzer for gapless lightening arrestor:- For preventive maintenance & conditional monitoring of gapless lightening arrester (GPLA), a leakage current analyzer (LCA)  has been procured and commissioned at ELS/JHS in month of JAN’21. It displays total leakage current flowing through surge arrestor. LCA can be used to track the deterioration in performance of the surge arrestor, thereby allow to take necessary preventive measure in avoiding failure

ØJig developed to fit the bearing on rotor shaft so that uniform pressure on inner & outer racer of bearing is ensured.

ØFixture has been developed in house by shed for assembly and dis-assembly of brake cylinder. This has reduced the efforts in doing overhauling work.

ØStand cum trolley for handling DJ has been developed by shed to carry DJ from loco to shop floor and vice- versa. A wheel with latching arrangement has been provided to hold DJ in desired position during overhauling.

ØM/s Medha make MPCS Ver. 3 has been commissioned on 31 Loco by in house efforts of ELS/JHS which enables remote monitoring of Loco parameters.

ØA fixture has been developed for run test of SIV cooling fan of Siemens, Hirect and Autometer (AAL) make after its overhauling. This will improve performance reliability of SIV cooling fan.

ØMicroprocessor based Digital Automatic KARL FISCHER Titration Apparatus (COULOMETRIC TYPE) for testing of moisture content in insulating oil of Loco main transformer (TFP) & Tap changer (GR).

ØWi - Fi enabled BORESCOPE for Maintenance of parts at critical locations which are not visible can be inspected with the help of Bore – Scope enable to Wi-Fi and snap out images at smart mobile phone as well as laptop.

ØPortable off line TFP oil centrifuge machine, Cap. 5000 Liter/Hour has been commissioned on 18.06.19 for centrifuging of TFP Oil, for removing Moisture, Dissolved gas from TFP Oil thus BDV will be increased.

ØUltrasonic testing machine (UFD Digiscan DS 333) of M/s EECI make has been commissioned on 28.06.19 for flaw detection in Axles, TM Armatures shaft and Equalizing Beam to avoid line failures.

ØBrake hangers paralleling Test Zig for WAG-5 & 7 loco has been developed in-house. It will improve the braking system of the loco during overhauling.

ØSuccessfully replacement of Inner Short Equalizing beam Loco 23707(AJJ) on line : ( Loco was MU 23707+23918).

On 12.11.19, reported “ inner Equalizing beam”of Loco no. 23707/AJJ, broken & resting on Axle Box in AGC Divn. at Hardua Ganj Same has been replaced first time on line by ELS/JHS staff. It is an arduous task but ELS/Staff has skill fully replaced it on line.

ØTo trace ferrous content of in bearing grease of TM, Auxiliary Machines, Axle box and MSU grease Ferrous content test machine has been commissioned on 05.01.21.

ØA new additional Traction motor Run test panel has been commissioned on 05.01.21 for Run test of overhauled traction motors on shop floor. This panel is capable to test 02 motors at a time.

ØUMID Registration of all staff has been completed.

ØOverhead Crane Gantry Rails have been changed since wornout in shed in all 3 lifting Bays (HeavyLifting, Light lifting, Midium lifting).

ØBattery room has been upgraded in an ergonomic way for carrying batteries and moving the same from one place to other. Acid proof tiles have been provided to avoid decomposition of floor/ work platform area due to acid. Additional stand for batteries has also been made and  this has caused de-congestion of work area.

Fire Safety

ØEmergency Fire Safety Action plan has been prepared. Total 49 Nos. DCP type & CO-2 type Fire Extinguisher placed at various locations of ELS/JHS to use promptly in case of fire in shed.

Ø20 Nos. Fire Extinguisher Ball installed in critical locations in various sections of ELS/JHS to enhance Fire Safety measures. Fire Extinguisher Ball is capable to extinguish Fire at initial stage & therefore minimizes the damages and increases safety.

ØFire safety mock drill is being conducted to alert staff against fire case once in a year. Last mock drill was done on 28.08.20.

ØTraining to operate fire extinguishers is being conducted time to time for shed staff and running staff on demand. Last demonstration was done from 28.08.20 to 17.10.20.

Assistance provided to Diesel loco shed, Jhansi for Maintenance of electric loco in diesel shed:-

Ø29 WAG-7 locomotives have been transferred to Diesel shed, Jhansi from ELS/JHS from Sep-20 to June 21.

ØExhaustive training to Diesel shed staff and officers has been provided.

ØSupport of maintenance materials required, technical assistance and documents has been made available to DSL/JHS for electric locomotives.

ØThe safety training for precautions to be taken while working on A C Locos has also been imparted.

Ø Training for maintenance of Electric loco to DSL shed staff has been given at different level.

i.At officer level for system and M&P requirement.

ii.At Supervisor level for work management and quality assurance at class room as well as on job.

iii.At technician level for overhauling & Assembly process and at class room as well as on job.

iv.Man to man interaction and explanation is done during training.

ØELS/JHS has developed educational material to educate staff. It includes Educational Video on Maintenance of Loco equipments, use of tools, equipments testing, safety items during working and wheel lifting procedure have been prepared in shed for in house training of staff.

ØFirst WAG-7 loco (27129) was roll out after maintenance from DSL shed Jhansi on 19.09.20.  

Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed : 25-10-2021  

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