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Abbreviations Used


1AC - 1ST Air Conditioned Coach

2AC - 2 Tier Air Conditioned Sleeper Coach

3AC - 3 Tier Air Conditioned Sleeper Coach

AC - Air Conditioned

ADG - Additional Director General

ADMO - Assistant Divisional Medical Officer

ADRM - Additional Divisional Railway Manager

AEN - Assistant Engineer

AGC - Station Code for Agra Cantt.

AGM - Additional General Manager

AH - Station Code for Achnera

ALD - Station Code for Allahabad

ALJN - Station Code for Aligarh

AME - Assistant Mechanical Engineer

ARME - Accident Relief Medical Equipment

ARMV - Accident Relief Medical Van

ART - Accident Relief Train

Asstt. - Assistant

ASTE - Assistant Signal & Telecommunication Engineer

BCX - 8-wheel covered vacuum brake wagon

BD Spl. - Break Down Special

BFR - 8-wheel open flat vacuum brake wagon

BINA - Station Code for Bina Jn.

BIX - Station Code for Bhind

BKI - Station Code for Bandikui

BNDA - Station Code for Banda

BPC - Bharat Petroleum Corporation

BPL - Station Code for Bhopal

BRN - Station Code for Barhan

BRWD - Station Code for Barwadih

BSNL - Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

BXN - Station Code for Bayana

C&W - Carriage and Wagon

CAC - Combined Assistance Center

CAR - Station Code for Chunar

CBE - Chief Bridge Engineer

CCM - Chief Commercial Manager

CCM(G) - Chief Commercial Manager (General)

CCM(M&R) - Chief Commercial Manager (Marketing & Rates)

CCRS - Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety

CE - Chief Engineer

CEE - Chief Electrical Engineer

CEE(Op) - Chief Electrical Engineer(Operations)

CFTM - Chief Freight Transportation Manager

CHC - Chief Controller

Chg. - Coaching

CHOD - Coordinating Head of Department

CMD - Chief Medical Director

CME - Chief Mechanical Engineer

CME(Op) - Chief Mechanical Engineer (Operations)

CMI - Commercial Inspector

CMM - Chief Materials Manager

CMPE(Diesel) - Chief Motive Power Engineer (Diesel)

CMS - Chief Medical Superintendent

CNB - Station Code for Kanpur

COM - Chief Operations Manager

Con. - Construction

COS - Controller of Stores

CPO - Chief Personnel Officer

CPRO - Chief Public Relations Officer

CPTM/G - Chief Passenger Transportation Manager / General

CPU - Station Code for Chopan

CRB - Chairman Railway Board

CRS - Commissioner of Railway Safety

CRSE - Chief Rolling Stock Engineer

CSC - Chief Security Commissioner

CSE - Chief Signal Engineer

CSO - Chief Safety Office

CSTE - Chief Signal & Telecommunication Engineer

CTE - Chief Track Engineer

CWE - Chief Workshop Engineer

CWI - Carriage & Wagon Inspector

CWS - Carriage & Wagon Superintendent

DAO - Divisional Accounts Officer

DCM - Divisional Commercial Manager

DCOS - Divisional Controller of Stores

DEE - Divisional Electrical Engineer

DEN - Divisional Engineer

DG - Director General

DHN - Station Code for Dhanbad

DHO - Station Code for Dhaulpur

DLI - Station Code for Delhi

DM - Disaster Management

DM - District Magistrate

DME - Divisional Mechanical Engineer

DMO - Divisional Medical Officer

DMT - Disaster Management Team

DMU - Diesel Multiple Unit

DNR - Station Code for Danapur

DOM - Divisional Operations Manager

DOT - Department of Telephones

DPO - Divisional Personnel Officer

DR - Disaster Response

DRM - Divisional Railway Manager

DSC - Divisional Security Commissioner

DSE - Divisional Superintending Engineer

DSE/C - Divisional Superintending Engineer/Coordination

DSO - Divisional Safety Officer

DSTE - Divisional Signal & Telecommunication Engineer

DTM - Divisional Traffic Manager

Dy. - Deputy

Dy. CCM - Deputy Chief Commercial Manager

Dy. COM - Deputy Chief Operations Manager

Dy. CSO - Deputy Chief Safety Officer

E-Mail - Electronic Mail

EC - Emergency Control

ECR - East Central Railway, Hajipur

ED - Executive Director

EMC - Electro Mechanical Core

EMU - Electric Multiple Unit

Engg. - Engineering

ETH - Station Code for Etah

ETL - Emergency Train Lighting

FA - First Aid

FA - Financial Advisor

FA&CAO - Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer

FKD - Station Code for Farrukhabad

FR - First Responders

(G) - General

GGC - Station Code for Gangapur City

G&SR - General & Subsidiary Rule

GM - General Manager

GRP - Govt. Railway Police

GWL - Station Code for Gwalior

GYA - Station Code for Gaya

GZB - Station Code for Gaziabad

HGJ - Station Code for Harduaganj

HOD - Head of Department

HOR - High Official Requisition

HPC - Hindustan Petroleum Corporation

HQ - Hdqrts.

HRE - Hydraulic Rerailing Equipment

HRD - Hydraulic Rescue Device

HRF - Station Code for Hathras Fort

HRS - Station Code for Hathras Jn.

IAF - Indian Air Force

IAT - Instant Action Team

IG - Inspector General of Police

IR - Indian Railways

IRCM - Indian Railway Commercial Manual

IRCTC - Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation

IRMM - Indian Railway Medical Manual

IOC - Indian Oil Corporation

ISD - International Subscriber Dialling

IT - Information Technology

JA - Junior Administrative

JCB - Jack-cum-Bulldozer

JE - Junior Engineer

JHS - Station Code for Jhansi

Jn. - Junction

JP - Station Code for Jaipur

KID - Station Code for Khairnar

LC - Level Crossing

LCC - Local Command Center

LI - Loco Inspector

LKO - Station Code for Lucknow

LPG - Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LR - Leave Reserve

MB - Station Code for Moradabad

MG - Meter Gauge

MGS - Station Code for Mughal Sarai

MOR - Ministry of Railways

MOSR - Minister of State for Railways

MP - Madhya Pradesh

MR - Minister for Railways

MRV - Medical Relief Van

NG - Narrow Gauge

NGO - Non-Govt. Organization

NKJ - Station Code for New Katni Jn

NR - Northern Railway

NCR - North Central Railway, Allahabad

NWR - North Western Railway, Jaipur

OC - Officer-in-Charge

OHE - Over Head Equipment

Op. - Operations

PA - Public Address

PC - Personal Computer

PCE - Principal Chief Engineer

PCO - Public Call Office

PHOD - Principal Head of Department

POL - Petroleum & Oil

PR - Public Relations

PRC - Power Controller

PRO - Public Relations Officer

PSU - Public Sector Undertaking

P Way - Permanent Way

PWI - Permanent Way Inspector

PWL - Station Code for Palwal

RAC - Station Code for Rosa

RCT - Railway Claims Tribunal

RE - Railway Electrification

RG - Rest Giver

RMS - Railway Mail Service

RPF - Railway Protection Force

RSO - Rolling Stock Organisation

S&T - Signal & Telecommunication

SDGM - Senior Deputy General Manager

SE - Section Engineer

Secy. - Secretary

SHO - Station House Officer

SI - Signal Inspector

SI - Sub-Inspector

SJAB - St. John Ambulance Brigade

SKB - Station Code for Shikohabad

SLR - Second Class-cum-Luggage-cum-Brake Van coach

SM - Station Manager

SP - Self Propelled

SPARMV - Self Propelled Accident Relief Medical Van

SPART - Self Propelled Accident Relief Train

SO - Staff Officer

SOE - Station Code for Seopur Kalan

SOS - International Call for Distress

Sr. - Senior

Sr. DAO - Senior Divisional Accounts Officer

Sr. DCM - Senior Divisional Commercial Manager

Sr. DEE - Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer

Sr. DEN - Senior Divisional Engineer

Sr. DME - Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer

Sr. DMO - Senior Divisional Medical Officer

Sr. DOM - Senior Divisional Operating Manager

Sr. DPO - Senior Divisional Personnel Officer

Sr. DSC - Senior Divisional Security Commissioner

Sr. DSO - Senior Divisional Safety Officer

Sr. DSTE - Senior Divisional Signal & Telecommunication Engineer

SRMT - Station Code for Srimuttra

SSE - Senior Section Engineer

STD - Subscriber Trunk Dialing

STM - Senior Transportation Manager

SS - Station Superintendent

TCM - Telecommunication Maintainer

TCI - Telecommunication Inspector

TDL - Station Code for Tundla

TI - Traffic Inspector

TRD - Traction Distribution

TS - Train Superintendent

TTE - Travelling Ticket Examiner

TXR - Train Examiner

UCC - Unified Command Center

UMB - Station Code for Ambala Cantt.

UP - Uttar Pradesh

VHF - Very High Frequency

VPU - Vehicle Parcel Van

WCR - West Central Railway, Jabalpur

WLI - Welfare Inspector

WTT - Working Time Table

Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed : 17-10-2022  

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