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Achievements and System Improvements on

North Central Railway, Accounts Department

Under Dynamic Leadership of

Smt. Vandana Singhal, FA&CAO


Following improvements have been effected in the systems:



1.Computerization: OnNCR, PRIME & AFRESwere languishingfor 3 ½years , withoutanysubstantialprogressin HQs and it was not even startedin Divisions.This was initiated and M/s Exillant, Bangalore was awarded the contract. The work started w.e.f.Jan'09 in all the units, HQ and Traffic Accounts Office. With relentlessefforts,hard work andtotalfocus by the concerned officers and staff,all the modulesof PRIME and AFRES, such as Pay Roll , leave account,internalcheck, PF, Pension, Cheque generation, Cash Book, RAR & Account Current have been implemented in HQsand all the three Divisions. Other modules such as, Seniority, Bio data, Loans and advances are being implemented.Cash and Pay module has been implemented in Jhansi Cash Office.


2.With the implementation of PRIME & AFRES, the working environment and efficiency of Account & Personal Department has improved multifold and has infused more transparency and Accountability. The entire data baseis now in ORACLE and all the files are totally integrated, there is no duplication in data entry and sufficient validation checks have been introduced.


3.       Touch Screen: In HQ Accounts Department as well as all the three divisions, andJhansi crew lobby, "Touch Screen" hasbeen commissioned, which will facilitate employees to view their PF balance, Leave balance and salary details (in fact, the entire employee information such asincome tax details, month wise PF/NPSledger details etc.are available toemployeeon the touch screen). Contractors can view their bill status on this touch screen.This facility will be extended to all the crew lobbies.

4. Web connectivity of database of PRME & AFRES: The implementation of PRIME & AFRES at NCR has brought about greater transparency and accountability in the system. Earlier the information pertaining to employees was monopoly of few which now is readily available to all with the use of information technology. Thedatabaseof PRIME & AFREShas been connectedwith NCRwebsite,with allsecurity, whereemployeescan access information pertainingto themlikesalarydetails, PF details,leave& Advances status, Leave balance etc.Alongwith this Contractor/Vendors can know the staus of their payments from the website itself.

5. Payment to Vendors & Contractors by NEFT:100% payment of Vendors and Contractors is being made through NEFT in HQ & all the three divisions for the past 1 ½ years. This has reduced number of cheques issued on NCR from 11000 per months to 3000 per month.This has also brought tremendous improvement in vendor/contractor satisfaction as well as ease in cheques & bills reconciliation.Cheques and bills reconciliationis also being done throughsoftwareby getting soft copy ofchequescredit scrollfrom Focal Point Bank and matching the same with Form –I .

6. Traffic Accounts Office:

(i)Traffic Accounts Office has implemented AFRES Module of Traffic Accounts in totality i.e.Traffic Book Part A, B, C and D. thus, Account Current is now being generated in AFRES. This is a major achievement because most of the Railways have only implemented this system upto Traffic Book Part –A & B only.General Manager, NCR, inaugurated the AFRES module on 11.8.2009. Now statement 7A is being integrated with AFRES.Other Systems improvements of traffic accounts office are detailed below:-


(ii) Payment of refund of tickets issued by IRCTC, being done through individual cheques, numbering 20/25 per month with inordinate delays in receipt by the party, multiplicity etc., has now started through electronic payment every week, efficient and eliminated cheque writing.


(iii) E-Payment system of freight introduced for IOC BAAD, Mathura since December, 2008, the first E-payment facility made available to a customer in NCR (providing annual earnings of about Rs. 200 cr). E-payment facility for Diamond Cement (Parichha) has also been introduced w.e.f.Aug.'09. E-payment for IOC Panki is in progress and will be introduced w.e.f. 31. 3.2010. These have resulted in about 30%freight earnings of NCR collected through E-payment.


(iv) In NCR, all the vouchers are now being received in TA Office directly from the stations rather than through cash office. This has improved efficiency in terms of less possibility of missing vouchers and ensured prompt billing.


(v) Duringinspectionof stations,it transpired that 15 cartonscontaining2,43,566 ticketswere lying at 13 stations, with TA-15 , proposed forabsolution. It was brought to the notice of CCM that all stations having UTS counters should have only 2 months stock of printed card tickets.Subsequently 95,30,153 ticketshave been destroyed. This could have been a major area for fraud and misuse.


7. With the implementation of PRIME & AFRES, NPS data is now being uploaded directly to NSDL without any delay.


8. In NCR, Computerized PF slips are being issued to all 72000 employees in the month of July itself, every year, after implementation of PRIME & AFRES.Earlier these slips used to be delayed even upto November.


9. Finance Module of MMIS has been implemented and is now being integrated with AFRES.



10. The figures relating to Public Grievances, Court Cases, D&AR etc. were collected manually from all units every monthly & the Efficiency Section was compiling. It led to wastage of manpower at various levels in units as well as HQs & also enormous delay.Now this information is being collected from units through e-mail, leading to tremendous savings in terms of manpower & paper and making instant information available.


11.Suspense: On NCR, thousand of items were lying in miscellaneous Advance registers, from the year 1990 onwards. All these items have been cleared and now there is no item more than 3 months old.All other suspense balances have been reviewed and maximum inefficient balances have been cleared.



13.The pension debits being received from the banks are now being checked with reference to debit scrolls.As a result, so far Rs. 21.6 cr.have been detected as wrongdebits, out whichRs.6.35 cr. have already been realized.These wrong debits are on account of:

·        Pensioner having died but still his account is being credited.

·        Two accounts being credited for one pensioner.

·        Regular pension as well as family pension being credited.

·        Family Pension being credited beyond the permissible date.


These are being rectified by deputing teams from HQs to the Banks.This will result in recurring savings in subsequent years.There are 2.5 lakhspensioners,for whomdebitamounting to Rs. 1900 received from the bank every year.


14.On NCR, Jhansi Workshop, large scale condemnation of under age Wagons was being done for years together.This was brought to the notice of GM by Finance NCR, as a result condemnation has been reduced from 1227 No. in 2006-07 to 246 no. in 2009-10.


15. मुख्य राजभाषा अधिकारीहोने के नाते, यह सूचित करते हुए मुझेअत्याधिक प्रस्न्नताएवं गौरव हो रहा हैकि रेल मंत्रालयद्राराराजभाषाहिन्दीकेप्रयोग - प्रसार मेंउत्कृष्ट योगदान के लिएउत्तर मध्य रेलवे कोरेल मंत्रीराजभाषाट्राफी से दिनाँक 29.03.2010को सम्मानित किया गया ।इसकेअतिरिक्तराजभाषा कार्यान्वयनसमिति, इलाहाबाद द्रारा भीइलाहाबाद स्थितविभिन्न केन्द्रीय सरकारीकार्यालयोंमें सेमहाप्रबन्धककार्यालय, उत्तर मध्य रेलवे कोराजभाषा हिन्दी केउत्कृष्टप्रयोगप्रसार के लिएसर्वोत्कृष्ट कार्यालयघोषित करते हुए25.2.2010कोचल बैजयन्तीके प्रथम पुरस्कार केसम्म्नित किया गया । उपरोक्तदोनोपुरस्कारउत्तर मध्य रेलवे को पहलीबारप्राप्तहुएहै ।

Vandana Singhal


Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed : 03-02-2011  

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