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Electrical (Gen.)

SNMobile NoName of EmployeeShri /SmtDesignationDepart./Branch Officer
41789794838300T.P.SinghSr.DEE/Genl./JHS.Sr DEE /G
41799794838302Neel Kamal ShrivastavaADEE/Genl./JHSSr DEE /G
41809752542029R.K.DIXITADEE./GWLSr DEE /G
41819752425800Aflaf Ahemad KhanMCMSr DEE /G
41829752425801Mangi LalMCMSr DEE /G
41839752425802B.N. GuptaMCMSr DEE /G
41849752425803Ram Gopal YadavMCMSr DEE /G
41859752425804Mohar SinghTech - ISr DEE /G
41869752425805Bheekam singhTech - IIISr DEE /G
41879752425806Madan KumarTech - IIISr DEE /G
41889752425808Mata Deen MeenaTech - ISr DEE /G
41899752425809Ashok KumarTech - ISr DEE /G
41909752425810Rajendra SahuACMSr DEE /G
41919752425811Dinesh Chandra SharmaTech - ISr DEE /G
41929752425812AsgarTech - ISr DEE /G
41939752425816Ram VilashTech - ISr DEE /G
41949752425817Rajesh SahuTech - IIISr DEE /G
41959752425818BhagwatTech - IIISr DEE /G
41969752425819ShanwajTech - IIISr DEE /G
41979752425821Shambhu KumarTech - IIISr DEE /G
41989752425822Mahendra SinghTech - ISr DEE /G
41999752425823K.N. RathoreR.MSr DEE /G
42009752425824Md WasimA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42019752425830Ashok BistA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42029752425831Brijesh KumarA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42039752425832Ramesh KumarA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42049752425834Vinod KumarA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42059752425836Himanshu SharmaA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42069752425849Deen DayalR.MSr DEE /G
42079752425890AtarSinghMCMSr DEE /G
42089752425850Neelu KumarSSESr DEE /G
42099752425865Bharat Bhusan SahuJESr DEE /G
42109752425866Raju KushwahaMCMSr DEE /G
42119752425888Ram SevakTechIIISr DEE /G
42129752425894Ram SroopA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42139752425891Lokesh Chandra ShuklaTech IIISr DEE /G
42149752425893Rauf AliA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42159752425895Kamlesh KushwahaA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42169794935059Prem Chandra AgarwalJESr DEE /G
42179794935060Mukesh Kumar KushwahaJESr DEE /G
42189794935366Krish KumarJESr DEE /G
42199794893975Omprakash SharmaJESr DEE /G
42209794893970SachendraJESr DEE /G
42219794935148Kamal KishoreA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42229794876662Balbeer SinghA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42239794893976Nanad Kishore KushwahaA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42249794873377RamratanA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42259794935199Mahesh KumarA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42269794935061Jai pal SinghACCMSr DEE /G
42279794893977Md AnisA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42289794935561SurendraA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42299794935564Amer Singh MeenaA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42309794935374Govind SinghA.C.C.A.Sr DEE /G
42319794935562Naresh Kumar DhokSSE/MKPSr DEE /G
42329794893770Out of Order Sr DEE /G
42339794935367UDI.PURR.RLR.STATIONAt Manegerudi puraSr DEE /G
42349794838322Mahendra KumarSSE/DSL/ShedSr DEE /G
42359794838326Sanjeev Kumar NiranjanS.S.E./Works.Sr DEE /G
42369794838327Arvind kumar SahuSSE/TL-AC/JHS.Sr DEE /G
42379794838328Sunil SinghSSE /ELM/EastSr DEE /G
42389794838329Sukh Deo SinghSSE/M/East.Sr DEE /G
42399794838330ShilendraSSE/TL-AC/JHSSr DEE /G
42409794838331R.D.SharmaSE/EL/Sr.DEE/G/JHSSr DEE /G
42419794838333M.I.KHANSS.E./ELM/WEST JHSSr DEE /G
42429794838334D.S.RaoSteno /Sr.DEE/GSr DEE /G
42439794838336A.K.ShivhareSSE/TL-ACJHSSr DEE /G
42449794838337Sandeep.GuptaJE/WorksSr DEE /G
42459794838655R.K.SrivastavaOS/Sr.DEE/GSr DEE /G
42469794838659Mahesh ChanderPump Operator-ISr DEE /G
42479794838660Rampal yadavPump OperatorSr DEE /G
42489794838661Pankaj VirmaniO.SO/STORESr DEE /G
42499794838079Lakhan Lal AhirwarSSE/PUMP/Office/JHSSr DEE /G
42509794838080L.DawaonCOS/Sr.DEE/GSr DEE /G
42519794838081R.K.GuptaOS/Sr.DEE/GSr DEE /G
42529794838082Sanjai kumar NigamMCM JHSSr DEE /G
42539794838083Mukesh Ku.MishraSSE(DRG)/PCDO/Sr DEE /G
42549794838084K.K.SrivastavaJE-IISr DEE /G
42559794838085K.K.Agaria.OSSr DEE /G
42569794838086D.P.GuptaCOSElectSr DEE /G
42579794838088Devki nandanSSE/DRG.Sr DEE /G
42589794838089Lalmani VermaSSE /ELM/West.Sr DEE /G
42599794838090Vijay VermaS.SE/EL/Sr.DEE/G/Office/JHSSr DEE /G
42609794838091Rajeev AgrawalOS-II/Sr.DEE/GSr DEE /G
42619794838093B.K.MishraJE-I/TLSr DEE /G
42629794838098A.U.KhanOSSr DEE /G
42639752448094Prem ChandraSSEI/TLAC/GWLSr DEE /G
42649752448658M.P.SinghSSE/ELM/GWLSr DEE /G
42659752448335DeepakVermaACCASr DEE /G
42669752448092Manoj GuptaS.S.E./TL.-AC/ GWL.Sr DEE /G
42679752448095Hem Raj MeenaSSE/TL-AC/GWLSr DEE /G
42689752448321Shiva KantJE/TL/AC/GWLSr DEE /G
42699752448325Vivek Kumar VermaJE/TL-AC/GWLSr DEE /G
42709752448657Prem NaryanHKHMRASr DEE /G
42719752448097Charles WilliumTech.III/M/DBASr DEE /G
42729794838323R.K.SrivastavaSSE/MSr DEE /G
42739794838654Ramprakash AwasthiSE/MSr DEE /G
42749794838087R.P.TIWARISSE/ELM/DRMSr DEE /G
42759752448324Suresh Kumar SinghSSE /ELM/KURJ.Sr DEE /G
42769794838332Ramesh kumarGuptaJE/ELMJUHISr DEE /G
42779794838099Santosh Kumar YadavJ.E./ELM/BNDASr DEE /G
42789794838656Ramshewak YadavSSE/EM/ORAISr DEE /G
42799794838663P. D NiranjanS.SE/ELMSr DEE /G
42809752448096Mahraj SinghSSE/MechanicalSr DEE /G

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