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Electrical (TD)

Electrical (TD)
SNMobile NoName of EmployeeShri /SmtDesignationDepart./Branch Officer
14329794838305A. K. SrivastavaSr DEETDSr DEE TD
14339794838306R. K. BaghelaDEE TD JHSSr DEE TD
14349794838307Janardan SinghDE TDSr DEE TD
14359794838308GDVermaADEE/TD/LARSr DEE TD
14369794838341Vac Sr DEE TD
14379794838359Manish VaidhyaSSE TD LARSr DEE TD
14389794828736R.K. AwasthiSE TD LARSr DEE TD
14399794838664Jitendra SharmaTech II TW LARSr DEE TD
14409794825737H.S. ChaddaSSESr DEE TD
14419794825738Manoj Kumar MurmuJE TD LARSr DEE TD
14429794825739R.K. WadhwaJE II TD LARSr DEE TD
14439794825740V.K. KhareMCM JHSSr DEE TD
14449794825794Manoj TiwariTW DR/LARSr DEE TD
14459794838342Prashant GuptaSSE TD LARSr DEE TD
14469794838353Shyam Babu SharmaJE-Dwaring/JHSSr DEE TD
14479794825742D.K. RamayaJE PSISr DEE TD
14489794825745A.K. ShuklaJE TD LARSr DEE TD
14499794825796Harish ChandraTECH I TBTSr DEE TD
14509794838354Arun KumarCOS TDSr DEE TD
14519794825743B.K. KhareJEI TD TD BABSr DEE TD
14529794825797Rakesh YadavTECH I DR GWLSr DEE TD
14539794838343Rajkumar Sr DEE TD
14549794838357Vijay BandilSSE TD JHSSr DEE TD
14559794838360Ram ji SwarkarOSSr DEE TD
14569794838365T.P. SinghSSEPSISr DEE TD
14579794825744P.K. BhargavaSSE TD JHSSr DEE TD
14589794825746K.P. SinghSSE OHESr DEE TD
14599794825747D.S. SachanSSE CNGSr DEE TD
14609794825798U.S. ChaturvediTW DR JHSSr DEE TD
14619794838364Mahesh Chandra VarshneOSSr DEE TD
14629794838184S.K. ShrivastavaSSE STORE JHSSr DEE TD
14639794838348S.R. MauryaSSE TD HQ JHSSr DEE TD
14649794838362H.M. GuptaSSE TD JHSSr DEE TD
14659794838665K.D. NiranjanFerro printerSr DEE TD
14669794825748Jagat Ram MishraDriverTWTBTSr DEE TD
14679794825787Swapan GuptaSR STENOSr DEE TD
14689794825788A.P PUROHITAMM 2Sr DEE TD
14699794838351Shiv Raj SinghSSE TL JHSSr DEE TD
14709794825784K.N. AhirwarSSE ETC JHSSr DEE TD
14719794838363Girja prasadSSE TD JHSSr DEE TD
14729794838349R.S. TripathiSSE TD JHSSr DEE TD
14739794825789C.P. SahuJE TD JHSSr DEE TD
14749794825792C.S.GuptaJE RDG JHSSr DEE TD
14759794838352Hemant TirkeySSE TD JHSSr DEE TD
14769794825782V.M. GawaliJE RC JHSSr DEE TD
14779794838347Goutam Kumar SharmaSSE/TD JHSSr DEE TD
14789794825757Manoj BhatiaSSE TPC JHSSr DEE TD
14799794825751Mahaver PrasadSSE TPC JHSSr DEE TD
14809794825749Rajeev SrivastavaSE TPC JHSSr DEE TD
14819794825750D.S. RathoreSE TPC JHSSr DEE TD
14829794825752Pooran LalSE TPC JHSSr DEE TD
14839794825753P.P. SharmaSSE TD JHSSr DEE TD
14849794825754R.N. TiwariSSE WSSr DEE TD
14859794825755Smt AnuradhaOS TD JHSSr DEE TD
14869794825756M.K. AgarwalJE II TPC JHSSr DEE TD
14879752448344L.N. GondSSE TD DBASr DEE TD
14889752448358Rajendra SinghSSE TD DBASr DEE TD
14899752417606Kanishk SharmaSSE/TD/DBASr DEE TD
14909752417612Rajendra KumarTW DR DBASr DEE TD
14919752448350Uma Kant ShaSr Tech GWLSr DEE TD
14929752446345R.K. KatiyarSSE TD GWLSr DEE TD
14939752448361Sunil RalhanSSE TD GWLSr DEE TD
14949752448356Ashok Kumar BansalMCM TD GWLSr DEE TD
14959752417607M.S. KhanwalkarJE I TD GWLSr DEE TD
14969752417608S.K. SinghJE I TD GWLSr DEE TD
14979752417609S.S. ChauhanJE II TD GWLSr DEE TD
14989794942056Rajni RaikwarSSE TD /W/ JHSSr DEE TD
14999752417611B.S. RajpootSSESr DEE TD
15009752417610Sanjay KumarDriver Tower WagonSr DEE TD
15019752417614Kushal Pal SharmaTECH / TWDR/GWLSr DEE TD
15029794949611Anjani KushawahaSSE TD LAR 
15039752417613Hari SinghTECH I DR GWLSr DEE TD
15049001038346J.P. SharmaSSE TD DHOSr DEE TD
15058890475200S.K. MeenaSSE TD DHOSr DEE TD
15068890456300Ram prakash YadavJE TD DHOSr DEE TD
15078890455300Prem Pal SinghJE TD DHOSr DEE TD
15088890435200Manveer SinghTW DR DHOSr DEE TD
15099794838355C.S. MeenaJE I TD AGC /JSr DEE TD
15109794825791R.K. SwamiSr ClerkSr DEE TD
15119794825799Smt Gayatri DubeyOS TD JHSSr DEE TD
15129794825780J. P. PandeyJE TD LARSr DEE TD
15139794825783Babu RamMCM/BABINA/DIPOSr DEE TD
15149794825793K.D.VermaJE TD BABSr DEE TD
15159794825790Manoj BajpayeeJE TD DHOSr DEE TD
15169794940397K.P. SwarnkarADEE/TD/JHSSr DEE TD
15179794940517Abshik SinghADEE/TD/ORISr DEE TD
15189794940611Anjani KushawahaSSE/TD/ORSr DEE TD
15199794940775Sekhar SijariaSSE/TD/ORSr DEE TD
15209794941204V.K. GuptaSSE/TD/ORSr DEE TD
15219794941828V.K. PrabhakarJE/TD/ORSr DEE TD
15229794941833C.B. SinghSSE TD ORSr DEE TD
15239794941906Sayad MohasinAliSr Tech JHSSr DEE TD
15249794941941Ramesh ChandraVehical Driver TD ORSr DEE TD
15259794941954MahaveerSSETDPHNSr DEE TD
15269794941956Jai prakashNarayanJE TD PHNSr DEE TD
15279794941968Ramashray SinghJE TD PHNSr DEE TD
15289794941984P.N. RawatHelper /TDSr DEE TD
15299794942044Dinesh YadavJE/TD/CNGSr DEE TD
15309794942046Smt ArchanaOS TD JHSSr DEE TD
15319794942049AmreshKumar SinghTech I/TD BABSr DEE TD
15329794942053Rajesh GuptaJE/TD/JHSSr DEE TD
15339794945056Ram prakash YadavJE/TD/BABSr DEE TD
15349794942060Robin Singh MeenaJE/TD/JHSSr DEE TD
15359794942061Hori LalTW/DR/ORSr DEE TD
15367525047071DhaniRamTW/DR/ORSr DEE TD
15377525047072Dhyan ChandDriver TD /JHSSr DEE TD
15387525047073TripurariTW/DR/PHNSr DEE TD
15397525047073Sandeep Kumar VermaTW/DR/PHNSr DEE TD
15407525047074Salim MohamadDriver TD JHSSr DEE TD
15417525047075Rajesh KumarTW/DR/CGNSr DEE TD
15427525047076ParmanadTW/DR/JHSSr DEE TD
15437525047077Mohar SinghTW/DR/JHSSr DEE TD
15447525047078Radha KrishanOSSr DEE TD

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