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Mechanical (C&W)


SNMobile NoName of EmployeeShri /SmtDesignationDepart./Branch Officer
19794838400Karunesh SraivastavaSr.DME/ C&WSr DME C&W
29794838402Rajkumar VermaDME/ C&WSr DME C&W
39794838406JagnnathDME/ BNDASr DME C&W
49794838421R.M.MishraADME/ C&WSr DME C&W
59752448405A.K.AwasthiADME/ C&W GWLSr DME C&W
69794838425N.K.SinghSSE/C&WSr DME C&W
79794838426S.K.PrabhakarJESr DME C&W
89794838427Ashok KumarCrane DriverSr DME C&W
99794838447Bharat ChaurasiaSSESr DME C&W
109794838428Harendra SinghCar DriverSr DME C&W
119794838431DeveshCC/JUHISr DME C&W
129794839453Avinash KushwahaJE/JHSSr DME C&W
139794838448Hari Kant NigamSSESr DME C&W
149794838463P.K.SuriJE/C&W JHSSr DME C&W
159794838449Mishri LalJE C&W JHSSr DME C&W
169794838450J.K.ChopraSSESr DME C&W
179794838432Sattar MohamadCar DriverSr DME C&W
189794838435A.K.TiwariSLISr DME C&W
199794838451Anurag SrivastavaSSESr DME C&W
209794838452P.K.SrivastavaOSSr DME C&W
219794838453Brijendra Dutta AnjumJE C&W JHSSr DME C&W
229794838422Harisha Chandra YadavJE/MKPSr DME C&W
239794838423Hari OmSSESr DME C&W
249794838424Smt Netu SharmaOS C&WSr DME C&W
259794838455N.Kr. BagwarJESr DME C&W
269794838456Hemant GuptaTech-ISr DME C&W
279794838458A.A.HyderiSSESr DME C&W
289794838461Ramesh Chand AzadCOSSr DME C&W
299794838462Gurdev SinghSSESr DME C&W
309794838436R.K.DewediCC/BNDASr DME C&W
319794838437P.K.SinghSTT/InspectorSr DME C&W
329794838438Vivek RajpaliCOSSr DME C&W
339794838429Vimal VijaySLISr DME C&W
349794838430Devendra KumarSLISr DME C&W
359794838433Vac Sr DME C&W
369794838457P.S.NiranjanSSESr DME C&W
379794838434Om PrakashPCOR/JHSSr DME C&W
389794838454C.S.RajpootSSESr DME C&W
399794838459Naseem AhmadSSESr DME C&W
409794838460Mohd.NaseemSSESr DME C&W
419794838469C.S.AgnihotriSSESr DME C&W
429794838470R.U.KhanSSESr DME C&W
439794838471Manish KumarSSESr DME C&W
449794838472Rka BuddinNTXR /JHSSr DME C&W
459794838473Atul PathakSSESr DME C&W
469794838763A.K.PandeySSESr DME C&W
479794838765Jitendra KumarOSSr DME C&W
489794838755Veer Singh YadavOS/MSr DME C&W
499794838754Ravi SaraswatSSESr DME C&W
509794838756Rajeev Kumar SinghJE BNDASr DME C&W
519794838760B.L.OjhaSSESr DME C&W
529794838757D.C.GuptaSSE/BNDASr DME C&W
539794838758Bhola RamJESr DME C&W
549794838761S.K.UpadhayaJESr DME C&W
559794838762K.K.YadavSSESr DME C&W
569794838464VikramSinghJESr DME C&W
579752448468J.P.DoharySSESr DME C&W
589752448445A.K.SharmaDF/GWLSr DME C&W
599752448474Rajesh Kumar TripathiSSESr DME C&W
609752448441J.P.UpadhayaSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
619752448442S.K.DewraraCCOR/GWLSr DME C&W
629752448443Suresh Chandra GoyalJE/GWLSr DME C&W
639752448444Subash UpadhyayaSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
649752448465Sujeet BadoniyaSSE/MechSr DME C&W
659752448466Sanjay JainSSESr DME C&W
669752448467Raees KhanSSESr DME C&W
679752448764Munish Kumar SharmaSSESr DME C&W
689752448759V.D.KholeyJESr DME C&W
699001038477Bhoori MalSSE/DHOSr DME C&W
709001038446J.K.KhareJE/DSL/DHOSr DME C&W
719794865065Triloki NathSSE/JHSSr DME C&W
729794865066S.R.BhaskarSSE/JHSSr DME C&W
739794865067R.K.ChaturvediSSE/JHSSr DME C&W
749794865068Kailash PrasadSSE/JHSSr DME C&W
759794865069R.K.SharmaSSE/JHSSr DME C&W
769794865070Nishant ChaudhrySSE/JHSSr DME C&W
779794865071N.K. KhbriyaCOS /C&W JHSSr DME C&W
789794865072Shiv Daas MeenaSSE/JHSSr DME C&W
799794865073A.P.OjhaSSE/C&W/JHSSr DME C&W
809794865074G.D.AgarwalJE/JHSSr DME C&W
819794865075Asha RamJE/JHSSr DME C&W
829794865076A.K.GurnaniJE/JHSSr DME C&W
839794865077Ram LalTech-II/JHSSr DME C&W
849794865078S.K.AgrawalJE/JHSSr DME C&W
859794865079Jai Ram PaswanJE/JHSSr DME C&W
869794133888Bharat SinghJE/JHSSr DME C&W
879794865237K.K.YadavJE/JHSSr DME C&W
889794865238A.S.MeenaJE/JHSSr DME C&W
899794865239Rndhir KumarSteno/JHSSr DME C&W
909794865240Manoj ShridharTech-II/JHSSr DME C&W
919794865241Ram RatanDriver/JHSSr DME C&W
929794865242Bharat PrasadJE/JHSSr DME C&W
939794865243Rakesh SharmaJE/JHSSr DME C&W
949794865244Rahul JhaJE/JHSSr DME C&W
959752596839A.L.BhaskarSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
969752596826P.L.VermaSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
979752596827Akhilesh KumarSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
989752596828D.S.MeenaSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
999752596829Hoti LalSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
1009752596830Amithab SrivastavaSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
1019752596831M.L.RawatSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
1029752596832Narendra SharmaSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
1039752596833M.C.MeenaJE/GWLSr DME C&W
1049752596834Manoj DatreJE/GWLSr DME C&W
1059752596835Abhay GuptaSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
1069752596836B.M. KainSSE/GWLSr DME C&W
1079794865258C.S.RajpootJE/BNDASr DME C&W
1089752596837Shiv Ram MeenaSSE C&WSr DME C&W
1099752596838Anil ToppoJE /C&WSr DME C&W
1109001038446J.K.KhareJE/DSL/DHOSr DME C&W

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