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Workshop (Jhansi)


SNMobile NoName of EmployeeShri /SmtDesignationDepart./Branch Officer
19794825001Shri A SinhaCWMCWM W/s JHS
29794825002A W KhanDy.CME (M)CWM W/s JHS
39794825003J.P.SharmaDy.CME(M&P)CWM W/s JHS
49794825004P KaushalDy.CME(R )CWM W/s JHS
59794825006R.K.KhuranaDy.CME/ICWM W/s JHS
69794825007Kaushal KishoreWM(P)CWM W/s JHS
79794825008O. P. SinghPECWM W/s JHS
89794825010AAggarwalDy.CEECWM W/s JHS
99794825011RahulChadharyAWM/MLRCWM W/s JHS
109794825141P. K. ShakyaDy.CE/MODCWM W/s JHS
119794825143Chandan SinghAWMCWM W/s JHS
129794825145Khalid AkhtarAXENCWM W/s JHS
139794825146B.S.RawatWM(R)CWM W/s JHS
149794825147Sanjay KumarADEECWM W/s JHS
159794825148Ravindra VishwakarmaAPOCWM W/s JHS
169794825149Ram KishoreSSECWM W/s JHS
179794825150Anil KumarSIOCWM W/s JHS
189794825151Manoj SahuASSTT. PROGRAMERCWM W/s JHS
199794825152Sudheer KumarSSE MotorCWM W/s JHS
209794825153A.K.ThakuralSSE BoilerCWM W/s JHS
219794825154Sunil SahuSSECWM W/s JHS
229794825155Surendra Kumar KhatriSSECWM W/s JHS
239794825156Raja RamSSECWM W/s JHS
249794825157Surendra KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
259794825158Chandrabhan SinghSSECWM W/s JHS
269794825159Ganga Charan AhirwarSSECWM W/s JHS
279794825160Sunil KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
289794825161Vikas sahuJr.ClerkCWM W/s JHS
299794825162Shir A K ChourasiaSSECWM W/s JHS
309794825163Ashok Kumar SharmaSSECWM W/s JHS
319794825164Ramji SaranJECWM W/s JHS
329794825165Alok Kumar SaxenaSSECWM W/s JHS
339794825166N.D. VermaSSECWM W/s JHS
349794825167Dan singhSSECWM W/s JHS
359794825168Kamal KantSSECWM W/s JHS
369794825170Ashok Kumar NamdeoSSECWM W/s JHS
379794825171Parmesh MathJE MWCWM W/s JHS
389794825172S B SinghSSE(STC)CWM W/s JHS
399794825173Narendra Singh SengarSSECWM W/s JHS
409794825174Rajeev RanjanSSECWM W/s JHS
419794825175Ajay Kumar SinghSSECWM W/s JHS
429794825178Sanjeev KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
439794825179Ajay Prakash SharmaSSECWM W/s JHS
449794825180Virendra KumarAgrawalSSECWM W/s JHS
459794825181Anantram RajpaliSSECWM W/s JHS
469794825182Ramakant DubeySSECWM W/s JHS
479794825183Ved PrakashCMSCWM W/s JHS
489794825184Pooran singh MeenaSSECWM W/s JHS
499794825185Omprakash KumanSSECWM W/s JHS
509794825186Ajmet begSSECWM W/s JHS
519794825187D.D. DorkeySSECWM W/s JHS
529794825188Raj Kumar RichhariaJECWM W/s JHS
539794825189J S saxenaSSECWM W/s JHS
549794825190Raj Kumar ThapakOSCWM W/s JHS
559794825191PromodSSECWM W/s JHS
569794825193Sunil Kumar SharmaSSECWM W/s JHS
579794825194Prem Chandra SonkarSSECWM W/s JHS
589794825195Shachidanand VermaSSECWM W/s JHS
599794825196Ashok KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
609794825197K. murlidharSSECWM W/s JHS
619794825198Mukesh Kumar JainSSECWM W/s JHS
629794825199Afaque AhamdSSECWM W/s JHS
639794825200Lajja Ram MeenaSSECWM W/s JHS
649794825201BiharilalSSECWM W/s JHS
659794825202Shivkumar DwediOS Canteen SectaryCWM W/s JHS
669794825203NiteshJr. ClerkCWM W/s JHS
679794825204B.S.TomerSSECWM W/s JHS
689794825205Ajay NagajSTC INSTCWM W/s JHS
699794825206R.S.KhareSSECWM W/s JHS
709794825207Pooran Lal JaiswarSSECWM W/s JHS
719794825208Pankaj Kumar SahuSSECWM W/s JHS
729794825209Sudhir KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
739794825210Brajesh KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
749794825211Syed Muzaffer AliSSECWM W/s JHS
759794825212Surendra Singh YadavSSECWM W/s JHS
769794825213Ramdeen SisodiyaSSECWM W/s JHS
779794825214Jawahar Lal RampuriSSECWM W/s JHS
789794825215Shamrao OhalSSECWM W/s JHS
799794825216Mahendra K. DixitSSECWM W/s JHS
809794825217Shailendra NigamSSECWM W/s JHS
819794825218Rajesh Kumar NigamSSECWM W/s JHS
829794825219Dinesh Kumar JainSSECWM W/s JHS
839794825220Kishanpal SinghSSECWM W/s JHS
849794825221Ram PalSSECWM W/s JHS
859794825222ShivcharanSSECWM W/s JHS
869794825223Shailendra Kumar SumanSSECWM W/s JHS
879794825224R.B. TiwariSSECWM W/s JHS
889794825225Jintendra K. UpadhyaySSECWM W/s JHS
899794825226Sukhram MeenaSSECWM W/s JHS
909794825227Mukesh KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
919794825228Kailash MeenaSSECWM W/s JHS
929794825229A.K. SahuSSECWM W/s JHS
939794825230Kiran PrakashSSECWM W/s JHS
949794825231Kishan LalSSECWM W/s JHS
959794825232Surendra SinghSSECWM W/s JHS
969794825233Kamlendranath SaxenaSSECWM W/s JHS
979794825234Jai Prakash SinghSSECWM W/s JHS
989794825235R.S. LalSSECWM W/s JHS
999794825236Madan KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
1009794825237Ashok Kumar RaiSSECWM W/s JHS
1019794825238Pradeep GoswamiSSECWM W/s JHS
1029794825240Pramod KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
1039794825241Rajesh Kumar KhareSSECWM W/s JHS
1049794825242Sanjeet Kumar SinghSSECWM W/s JHS
1059794825243SiyaramSSECWM W/s JHS
1069794825244J.K. SharmaSSECWM W/s JHS
1079794825245Santosh KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
1089794825246Prem Narayan ChaturvediSSECWM W/s JHS
1099794825247Raj KishorSSECWM W/s JHS
1109794825248Chetan PateriyaSSECWM W/s JHS
1119794825249Vinod SrawgiSSECWM W/s JHS
1129794825250Gopal Kumar RaikwarSSECWM W/s JHS
1139794825251Khalid SafiSSECWM W/s JHS
1149794825252D D IndermaniSEECWM W/s JHS
1159794825253Mahor Singh MeenaSSECWM W/s JHS
1169794825254Anoop Kumar RaikwarSSECWM W/s JHS
1179794825255Ramesh Chandra GuptaSSECWM W/s JHS
1189794825256Shiv Ram SavitaSSECWM W/s JHS
1199794825257Akhilesh SahuSSECWM W/s JHS
1209794825258Rahul TiwariSSECWM W/s JHS
1219794825259Chandra Prakash JainSSECWM W/s JHS
1229794825260PurushottamSSECWM W/s JHS
1239794825261Naveen Chandra ShuklaSSE(STC)CWM W/s JHS
1249794825262Mahesh Chandra ViduaSSECWM W/s JHS
1259794825263Ram SumerSSECWM W/s JHS
1269794825264Ram Gwal SinghSSECWM W/s JHS
1279794825265Pramod KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
1289794825266Sudhir BadalkarSSECWM W/s JHS
1299794825267Sandeep Kumar MishraSSECWM W/s JHS
1309794825269Chhote Lal PatelSSECWM W/s JHS
1319794825270Ashit Kumar RaiSSECWM W/s JHS
1329794825271DevidassSSECWM W/s JHS
1339794825272Yasant KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
1349794825273Ankit KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
1359794825274G.S.SharmaSSECWM W/s JHS
1369794825275Ravi GuptaSSECWM W/s JHS
1379794825276Niraj KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
1389794825277Harishankar YadavJECWM W/s JHS
1399794825278Rajendra Prasad SharmaSSECWM W/s JHS
1409794825279Sharfaraz aliSSECWM W/s JHS
1419794825280SrigopalSSECWM W/s JHS
1429794825281KrishnaPal SinghSSECWM W/s JHS
1439794825282Sunil KumarSSECWM W/s JHS
1449794825283N.K.JainSSECWM W/s JHS
1459794825284Vinod YadavSSECWM W/s JHS
1469794825285Vijay YadavW/S Scrap DisposerCWM W/s JHS
1479794825286Dhanveer SinghProtocol InspectorCWM W/s JHS
1489794825287Prakash ChandraJE InspCWM W/s JHS
1499794825288Airjeet GoshSSECWM W/s JHS
1509794825289Aneesh AhmedJECWM W/s JHS
1519794825290Vishnu Prakash MishraSSECWM W/s JHS
1529794825291Sidarth Dev MishraSSECWM W/s JHS
1539794825292Sunil Kumar PathwarSSECWM W/s JHS
1549794825293Shailendra kumar singhSSECWM W/s JHS
1559794825294VacSSECWM W/s JHS
1569794825295GhanshyamPeonCWM W/s JHS
1579794825296Arvind Kumar RawatSSECWM W/s JHS
1589794825297Syed Kasam RajaSSECWM W/s JHS
1599794825298Ramesh Chandra MeenaJECWM W/s JHS
1609794825299Vivekanand ChoubeyCh.OS/MODCWM W/s JHS
1619794825300Mahesh Chandra NigamSSECWM W/s JHS
1629794825301GhashiramCh.OS/SETTELMENTCWM W/s JHS
1639794825302Dominik KindoCOS/STORECWM W/s JHS
1649794825303Sunil PathakCS&WICWM W/s JHS
1659794825304D. MeenaCOS/PAYBILLCWM W/s JHS
1679794825306R.B.ChaturvediCOS/WEL.CWM W/s JHS
1689794825307S.C.RathoreCOS (G)CWM W/s JHS
1699794825308S.K.SanyalCOSCWM CellCWM W/s JHS
1709794825309Pradeep Kumar SharmaCOS/PCWM W/s JHS
1719794825310Harish KumarCOS/PCWM W/s JHS
1729794825311Om Prakash SrivastavaPA TO CWMCWM W/s JHS
1739794825312Abdul ZabbarCh.OS(INC)CWM W/s JHS
1749794825313B D AhirwarCS&WICWM W/s JHS
1759794825314G.S. BhishtCOS/PCWM W/s JHS
1769794825315Vishnu Kumar LitoriaCLACWM W/s JHS
1779794825316Ashok kumar SaineCMSCWM W/s JHS
1789794825317D.R.PatelCMSCWM W/s JHS
1799794825318Radhey Shyam PachoriCMS-ICWM W/s JHS
1809794825319Dr. Rakesh KumarCMS-IICWM W/s JHS
1819794825320Sunil Kr. GuptaSSECWM W/s JHS
1829794825370A.K.VermaNTXRCWM W/s JHS
1839794825371D.N.VermaCICWM W/s JHS
1849794825372KamleshJr. StenoCWM W/s JHS
1859794825373Madhusudan SinhaJr. StenoCWM W/s JHS
1869794825374J.K.BhatnagarSr.StenoCWM W/s JHS
1879794825375Narendra KumarShunting MasterCWM W/s JHS
1889794825376Laxmi NarayanJECWM W/s JHS
1899794825377Jai KumarOSCWM W/s JHS
1909794825378TapeshSSECWM W/s JHS
1919794825379Raj SinghSSECWM W/s JHS
1929794825380M S SisodiyaOSCWM W/s JHS
1939794825381Mahendra Pal SinghMCMCWM W/s JHS
1949794825382BaboolalCh.OS RollingCWM W/s JHS
1959794825383Ravi SinghAmbulance DrvCWM W/s JHS
1969794825384Ram SinghAmbulance DrvCWM W/s JHS
1979794825385Shanti SwaroopStaff Car DrivCWM W/s JHS
1989794825386Satish KumarSSE MWCWM W/s JHS
1999794825387Deep BahadurEmergency DrvCWM W/s JHS
2009794825388Rajesh SinghEmergency DrvCWM W/s JHS
2019794836138Deepak Nigam FamilyDy.CME (M)CWM W/s JHS
2029794836139Shree ShakyaDy.CE/MODCWM W/s JHS
2039794849731K SriwatvaPSTCCWM W/s JHS
2049794849732G R AhirwarSPOCWM W/s JHS
2059794849733JagdishSSE- FitterCWM W/s JHS
2069794849734A.L. HivarkarSSE- Mech.(M)CWM W/s JHS
2079794849735Ambay Sharan SrivastvaSSE- WeldingCWM W/s JHS
2089794849736Jeetendra ShawJr.Inst.CWM W/s JHS
2097318004055Shailesh kumarstenoCWM W/s JHS
2107318004057SparestenoCWM W/s JHS

Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 06-05-2016  

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