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नवीन चोपड़ा

उत्तर मध्य रेलवे

e.My jsy izca/kd

>kalh – 284003

Naveen Chopra

North Central Railway

Divisional Railway Manager

Jhansi – 284003

Ph.          : 0510-2440324


Fax          : 0510-2449213


Mob.       : 09794838000


Transport in India is an important part of the nation’s economy. With the economic liberalization there is a wide variety mode of transport. However the most cost efficient mode of transport, Indian Railway enjoy preference over other public transport systems. The rail net work traverses through the length & breath of the country, covering more than 65000 route Km with 115000 track Km. Indian railways proved itself the fore runner in the transport sector in the country with high safety standards.

          Disaster Management which is also known as emergency Management can be defined as dealing with and avoiding both natural & men made disasters, which involves preparedness before disaster, rebuilding and supporting people after disaster.

        Increasing traffic density, longer length of trains, with large number of people o­n Board, higher speed of trains, emerging technologies etc call for a paradigm shift that Disaster Management planning should be used as a daily work for preparedness along with establishment   and management of local facilities and right use of resources, co-ordination between various organization of state & District Disaster Management plans. Imparting Basic training to our front line staff to hone the skill in first aid, fire fighting, evacuation, organizing rescue & relief during “GOLDEN HOURS” may be a vital tool.

        I must place o­n record my appreciations for wholehearted support and cooperation of various stakeholders in preparation of the book. I am also very much confident that the “Revised fourth edition of Disaster Management plan of Jhansi Division 2013” will fulfill all the major recommendations of high level committee of Railways.



  Date: 28.03.2013                                                   ( Naveen Chopra)

Divisional Railway Manager

                                                                               North Central Railway

Akhilesh Kumar

Sr.D.S.O. (N.C.Rly)



mRrj e/; jsy     

>kalh– 284003

North Central Railway



Disaster Management can be defined as the effective, organization, directions and utilization of available resources to counter disaster. The railway disaster is o­ne of the unique and urgent situation that needs to be manage as the events move rapidly and can be extremely traumatic, leaving no chance for those who are unprepared.

The Principles of  Disaster Management apply in both routine & crisis, which defines as continuous and integrated process of planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing measures which are expedient for-

i.Prevention of danger or threat of Disaster.

ii.Mitigation or reduction or risk or any Disaster.

iii.Capacity building.


v.Prompt response to a Disaster.

vi.Assessing severity of any Disaster/Accident.

vii.Evacuation, rescue and relief.

viii.Rehabilitation & reconstruction.

            The book of Disaster Management of Jhansi Division year 2013 is a effort which will help railway administration to review and implement all three systems of Disaster i.e pre disaster system, during disaster system & post disaster system and  recommendations of high level committee of railways so as to bring further improvement in Disaster Management.

            It is sincerely hoped that the guidelines when implemented by various stake holders at different levels of administration, would enable to established a reliable and dedicated Disaster Management plan that would contribute significantly in achieving the vision to build disaster resilient railways.


  Date: 28.03.2013                                                              (Akhilesh Kumar)

Sr. Divisional  Safety Officer

                                                                               North Central Railway





Abbreviations Used




Disaster preparedness – Availability of resources


Disaster preparedness – ARMVs/ARTs


Disaster preparedness – Use of o­n board resources


Disaster Response        – Overview


Disaster Response       – Instant Action Team


Disaster Response       – First Responders


Disaster Response       – Officers at Division


Disaster Response      – Co-ordination Centers


Disaster Response – Assistance from adjoining Divisions /Zones


Site Management Plan - I


Site Management Plan - II


Passenger Care


Media Management Plan


Fire and other Accidents


Training and Mock Drill


Guide lines o­n Chemical Disaster



Annexure 1-24

Annexure Nos


Annexure I

Officials other than Railway officials to be contacted & their Tel Nos.

Annexure II

Important Telephone Nos of Railway Officers

Annexure III

Important Telephone Nos of Officers reporting of train accidents

Annexure IV

Telephone  Nos. of tentage accommodation      & Gas cutter agencies

Annexure V

Address & Telephone Nos. of nearby earth moving machinery like bulldozers, JCBs etc. and water tenkers

Annexure VI

List of Telephone  Nos. of Blood banks  & near by Doctors  over JHS Division

Annexure VII

Army installations, State PWD & Irrigation Deptt            along with designation & Tel Nos.& Emergency service like Electricity, water supply & Local Police station

Annexure VIII

Important Telephone  Nos of emergency services like Electricity board , water supply ,Local Police stations, GRP/RPF & FIRE Brigade etc.

Annexure IX

List of Telephone. Nos of DMs & SSPs   over JHS Division.

Annexure X

Plan indicating method to reach every kilometer of the rail trackby road  

Annexure XI

List of Telephone Nos. of Bus Depots & RTOs

Annexure XII

List of Telephone  Nos .of Local TV ,Radio ,Cables and Channels of JHS Division.

Annexure XIII

List of Telephone Nos .of Print Media  & Reporters.

Annexure XIV

List of  Hotels and their Telephone  Nos,

Annexure XV

List of Vehicles available in JHS Division & Location of ART/ARMV

Annexure XVI

Details of Vehicles, Staff strength and telephone Nos of various departments.

Annexure XVII

District Boundaries of JHS Division

Annexure XVIII

P&T /DOT facilities  at Stations o­n JHS Division

Annexure XIX

List of Non Government organisations

Annexure XX

Out line Schematic plan of UCC/CAC/LCCs

Annexure XXI

Details  Schematic plan of UCC

Annexure XXII

Details  Schematic plan of CAC

Annexure XXIII

List of Hospitals  over JHS Division

Annexure XXIV

List of  Telephone Nos. of Railway Officers  in  JHS Division

Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 10-07-2015  

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