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Seniority List of Staff


Electrical G

1.Helper (AC) 1800 Elec-G
2.Helper (PS) 1800 Elect-G
3.Helper (TL) 1800 Elect-G deptt
4.JE Elect G 4200
5.Sr Tech (PS) 4200 Elect G
6.Sr Tech (PS) 4200 Elect-G
7.Sr Tech AC Elect G 4200
8.Sr Tech CJ Elect G 4200
9.Sr Tech Mech Elect G 4200
10.Sr Tech SPA Elect G 4200
11.Sr Tech TL Elect G 4200
12.SSE Elect G 4600
13.Tech -I TL Elect G 2800
14.Tech -II (PS) 2400 Elect-G
15.Tech -II SPA Elect G 2400
16.Tech-I (PS) 2800 Elect-G
17.Tech-I AC Elect G 2800
18.Tech-I CJ Elect G 2800
19.Tech-I Mech Elect G 2800
20.Tech-I SPA  Elect G 2800
21.Tech-II AC Elect G 2400
22.Tech-II CJ Elect G 2400
23.Tech-II Mech Elect G 2400
24.Tech-II TL lect G 2400
25.Tech-III (PS) 1900 Elect-G
26.Tech-III AC Elect G 1900
27.Tech-III Mech Elect G 1900
28.Tech-III SPA Elect G 1900
29.Tech-III TL Elect G 1900

Electrical RNG

1.CLI 4600 Elect Rng Deptt.
2.Loco Piolot Shunter (ET) 2400 Elect Rng  Deptt
3.Loco Piolot Shunter Sr. ET 4200 Elect Rng Deptt
4.LPG 4200 Elect Rng
5.LPM 4200 Elect Rng
6.LPP 4200 Elect Rng
7.Sr ALP 2400 Elect Rng

Electrical TRD

1.Helper TRD 1800
2.JE 4200 Elect TRD
3.Sr Tech Bond 4200 Elect TRD
4.Sr Tech MVD 4200 Elect TRD
5.Sr Tech OHE 4200 Elect TRD
6.Sr Tech PSI 4200 Elect TRD
7.Sr Tech RC 4200 Elect TRD
8.SSE 4600 Elect TRD
9.Tech-I Bond 2800 Elect TRD
10.Tech-I Carpenter 2800 Elect TRD
11.Tech-I MVD 2800 Elect TRD
12.Tech-I OHE 2800 Elect TRD
13.Tech-I PSI 2800 Elect TRD
14.Tech-I RC 2800 Elect TRD
15.Tech-II Bond 2400 Elect TRD
16.Tech-II MVD 2400  Elect TRD
17.Tech-II OHE 2400 Elect TRD
18.Tech-II PSI 2400 Elect TRD
19.Tech-II RC 2400 Elect TRD
20.Tech-III Bond Elect TRD
21.Tech-III MVD 1900 Elect TRD
22.Tech-III OHE 1900 Elect TRD
23.Tech-III Painter TRD
24.Tech-III PSI 1900 Elect TRD
25.Tech-III RC 1900 Elect TRD
26.Tower Wagon Driver 2400 Elect TRD


1.Box Khalasi 1800 Elect RS
2.Cook  Elect RS
3.Grade-III Painter GP 1900 Elect RS
4.Helper 1800 Elect RS
5.JE 4200 Elect RS
6.RRB 1800 Elect RS
7.Sr Cook 2400 Elect RS
8.Sr Teceh , Tech-I,II & III Armature Winder Elect RS 4200, 2800, 2400 1900
9.Sr Tech Fitter GP 4200 Elect RS
10.Sr Tech, Tech-I,II Painter Elect RS 4200, 2800,2400
11.Sr Tech, Tech-I,II,III Crane Driver ElectRS 4200,2800,2400,1900
12.Sr Tech, Tech-I,II,III Mill Wright ElectRS 42,2800,2400,1900
13.Sr Tech, Tech-I,II,III Vehicle Driver Elect RS 4200,2800,2400,1900
14.Sr Tech, Tech-I,II,III Welder Elect RS 4200,2800,2400,1900
15.Sr.Tech ,Tech-I,II,III Carpenter Elect RS 4200,2800.,2400,1900
16.SSE 4600 Elect RS
17.Tech II Fitter 2400 Elect RS
18.Tech-I Fitter 2800 Elect RS
19.Tech-III Fitter 1900 Elect RS


1.Bill Issuer GP1800 Comml
2.Booking Clerk 2000 Comm
3.Catring Inspector GP 2400 Comml
4.CCC & ECRS GP 4200 Comml
5.CCS & CRS GP 4600 Comml
6.CIT 4600 Comml
7.CMI 4200 Comml
8.CMI 4600 Comml
9.Cook GP 1800,1900,2000,2800,4200 and Store Clerk GP 1800 Comml
10.Dy CIT 4200 Comml
11.ECRC and Sr.Comll Clerk 2800 Comml
12.SrT.E. 2800 Comml
13.TE 2000 Comml
14.Waiting cum khalasi GP 1800 Comml


1.Grade-I Black Smith GP 2800 Engg P.Way
2.Grade-I Carpenter 2800 Engg P.Way
3.Grade-I Fitter GP 2800 Engg P.Way
4.Grade-I Painter GP 2800 Engg P.Way
5.Grade-I Vechle Driver GP 2800 Engg P.Way.pdf
6.Grade-II Black Smith GP 2400 Engg P.Way
7.Grade-II Carpenter GP 2400 Engg P.Way
8.Grade-II Fitter GP 2400 Engg P.Way
9.Grade-II Painter GP 2400 Engg P.Way
10.Grade-II Vechle Driver GP 2400 Engg P.Way
11.Grade-II Welder GP 2400 Engg P.Way
12.JE (P Way) 4200 Engg DEptt
13.MCM Black Smith GP 4200 Engg P.Way
14.MCM Fitter GP 4200 Engg P.Way
15.MCM Painter GP 4200 Engg P.Way
16.MCM Vehicle Driver GP 4200 Engg P.Way
17.MCM Welder GP 4200 Engg P.Way
18.MCM,Grade-I, II Motor Mech GP 4200,2800,2400 Engg P.Way
19.Sr Tech,I,II (M.T.Driver) 4200,2800,2400 Engg P.Way
20.Sr.Tech Carpenter 4200 Engg P Way
21.SSE (P way) 4600 Engg Depttt
22.Tech-I Welder GP 2800 P.Way

ENGG Works

1.Canner Gr-I (works)  2800 Engg Deptt..pdf
2.Canner Gr-II (works) 2400 Engg Deptt..pdf
3.JE (Works) 4200 Engg Deptt..pdf
4.Sr Tech, I,II (Black Smith) 4200,2800,2400 Engg Works.pdf
5.Sr Tech, I,II (Painter) 4200,2800,2400 Engg Works.pdf
6.Sr.Tech, I,II (Mason) 4200,2800,2400 Engg Works.pdf
7.Sr.Tech, Tech-I, II (Carpenter MCM Works) 4200, 2800, 2400  Engg Deptt..pdf
8.Sr.Tech,I,II (Fitter)4200,2800,2400 Engg Works.pdf
9.Sr.Tech,I,II (Volveman) 4200,2800,2400 Engg Works.pdf
10.SSE (Works) 4600 Engg Deptt.pdf
11.SSE and JE (Horti.) 4600 , 4200 Engg Deptt..pdf

Operating ET-III & ET-IV

1.CommlCourier1800 Comml.pdf

2.CookMate 1800 ET-3 Optg.pdf

3.CTNC 4200 Optg.pdf

4.Goods Guard 2800 Optg Deptt..pdf

5.Khalasi Multipurpose GP 1800 Optg and Commll Deptt.pdf

6.Lamp Man 1800 Optg.pdf

7.Markaman 1800 Comml.pdf

8.Parcel Porter 1800& 1900 ET-IV.pdf

9.Pointsman 1900 Optg -IV.pdf

10.Runing Room Bearer Optg Dept 1800.pdf

11.Safaiwala 1800 Optg.pdf

12.Seal Man ET-3 1800 Optg.pdf

13.SM 4200 Optg.pdf

14.Sr Goods Guard GP 4200.pdf

15.Sr Passenger Guard Optg 4200.pdf

16.Sr TNC 2400 Optg.pdf

17.Sr WMI 4600 Optg.pdf

18.SS 4600 Optg.pdf

19.TNC 1900 Optg.pdf

20.Trollyman 1800 Optg.pdf

21.Waiting Room Bearer 1800 Comml Deptt..pdf

22.WMI 4200 Optg.pdf

23.WRA 1800 Optg ET-IV.pdf
24.Mail Guard 4200 Optg

Mech C&W

1.Gr-I (Fitter) 2800 Mech (C&W).pdf

2.Gr-II (Fitter) 2400 Mech (C&W).pdf

3.Gr-III (Fitter) GP 1900 Mech C&W.pdf

4.Helper C&W GP 1800 Mech C&W.pdf

5.JE C&W 4200 Mech C&W Deptt.pdf

6.old Sr.Tech, Tech-I, II, III (Black Smith) 4200,2800,2400,1900 Mech (C&W).pdf

7.Safaiwala C&W GP 1800 Mech C&W.pdf

8.Sr Tech (Fitter) 4200 Mech C&W.pdf

9.Sr Tech Tech-I,II,III (Painter) GP 4200,2800,2400,1900 Mech C&W.pdf

10.Sr Tech, Tech-I,II,III (Trimmer) GP 4200,2800,2400,1900 Mech C&W.pdf

11.Sr Tech, Tech-I,II,III (Vehicle Driver) GP 4200,2800,2400,1900 Mech C&W.pdf

12.Sr.Tech , I,II II (Carpenter) 4200,2800,2400,1900 Mech C&W.pdf

13.SrTech, Tech-I,II,III (Welder) 4200,2800,2400,1900 Mech C&W.pdf

14.SrTech,Tech-I,II,III (B.D.Crane Driver) 4200,2800,2400,1900 Mech C&W.pdf

15.SrTech,Tech-I,II,III (Mechinist) 4200,2800,2400,1900 Mech C&W.pdf

16.SSE ( C&W) 4600 Mech Deptt..pdf

Mech Loco

1.ALP, SrALP Diesel GP 1900 and 2400 Mech Loco.pdf

2.CLI DSL 4600 Mech Loco 2019.pdf

3.CMA 4200 Mech Loco.pdf

4.Cook Mate 1800 Mech Loco.pdf

5.JE Loco GP 4200 Mech Loco Deptt.pdf

6.Lab Supdt 4600 Mech Loco.pdf

7.LP Mail DSL.pdf

8.LPG DSL.pdf

9.LPP DSL.pdf

10.Peon GP 1800 Mech Loco Deptt.pdf

11.RR Bearer 1800 Mech Loco.pdf

12.RR Cook GP 1800 Mech Loco Deptt.pdf

13.RR Cook-II GP 2400 Mech Loco Deptt.pdf

14.RR Cook-III GP 1900 Mech Loco Deptt.pdf

15.Safaiwala 1800 Mech Loco.pdf

16.Sr Tech Loco GP 4200 Mech Loco Deptt.pdf

17.SSE Mech Loco 4600 Mech Loco deptt.pdf

18.Tech-I Loco GP 2800 Mech Loco Deptt.pdf

19.Tech-II Loco 2400 Mech Loco.pdf

20.Tech-III 1900 Mech Loco.pdf


1.Ambulance Driver 2400 Medical.pdf

2.Ambulance Driver GP 4200,2800 Medical.pdf

3.Aya 1800 Medical.pdf

4.Berar 1800 Medical.pdf

5.Chos, OS, Sr Cler, Clerk GP 4600,4200,2800,1900 Medical.pdf

6.HA 1800 Medical deptt.pdf

7.Lab Attedent 1800 Medical.pdf

8.Nursing Staff GP 5400, 4800,4600 Medical.pdf

9.OTA GP 2800, 2400,1900 Medical.pdf

10.Peon 1800 Medical.pdf

11.Pharmacist GP 4200 Medical.pdf

12.Pharmacist GP 4600 Medical.pdf

13.Phrmacist GP 2800 Medical.pdf

14.Safaiwala 1800 Medical Deptt.pdf

15.Safaiwali 1800 Medical Deptt.pdf


1.Choukidar 1800 S&T Deptt.pdf

2.Fero Khalasi 1800 S&T.pdf

3.Helper Signal GP 1800 S&T Deptt.pdf

4.JE (Signal) 4200 S&T Deptt.pdf

5.Peon cum Khalasi 1800 S&T Deptt.pdf

6.Reno,FeroKhalasi and Trunk Cleaner 1800S&T Deptt..pdf

7.Sr Tech Signal GP 4200 S&T Deptt.pdf

8.SSE (Signal) 4600 S&T Deptt..pdf

9.Tech-I Signal GP 2800 S&T Deptt.pdf

10.Tech-III Signal GP 1900 S&T Deptt.pdf

11.Trollyman 1800 S&T.pdf


1.Helper Tele GP 1800 S&T Deptt.pdf

2.JE (Tele) 4200 S& T Deptt..pdf

3.Sr Tech (TCM) 4200 S&T Deptt..pdf

4.Sr V.Driver, I, II (Tele) 4200,2800,2400 S&T.pdf

5.Sr.Tech (Black Smith) 4200 S&T Deptt.pdf

6.Sr.Tech an Tech-I (Mason) 4200 , 2800 S & T Deptt.pdf

7.Sr.Tech, Tech-I, II (Cable Jointer) 4200 , 2800, 2400 S& T Deptt..pdf

8.Sr.Tech, TEch-I, II, III (Carpanter) 4200, 2800, 2400, 1900 S&T Deptt..pdf

9.Sr.Tech, Tech-I, II,III (Painter) 4200, 2800, 2400, 1900 S & T Deptt..pdf

10.Sr.WTM, WTM-I, II, III 4200 2800, 2400 1900 S & T Deptt..pdf

11.SSE (Tele) 4600 S & T Deptt..pdf

12.Supp. TO, Sr.TO, CTO 4600, 4200,2400 S&t Deptt.pdf

13.Tech-I (Black Smith) 2800 S& T Deptt..pdf

14.Tech-I (TCM)2800 S & T Deptt..pdf

15.Tech-II (Black Smith) and Tech-III (Lohar) 2400 and 1900 S & T Deptt.pdf

16.Tech-II (TCM) 2400 S & T Depptt..pdf

17.Tech-II, III (Mason) 2400 & 1900S&T Deptt.pdf

18.Tech-III (Cable Jointer) 1900 S&T Deptt.pdf

19.Tech-III (TCM) 1900S&T Deptt..pdf


1.All MV Driver (Gen Admn) 1900, 2400, 2800, 4200 Gen Admn.pdf

2.Chowkidar 1800 Gen Admn.pdf

3.JE Drg 4200 Gen Admn.pdf

4.Office Khalasi and Peon 1800 Gen Admn.pdf

5.Record Sarter 1800 Gen Admn.pdf

6.SSE Drg 4600 Gen Admn.pdf


1.PS II GP 4600
2.Sr. Steno 4200
3.Steno GP2400
4.Chief Typist 4200
5.Typist 2400 Gen Admn
6.Typist 4600
7.CS&WI Gen Admn 4600
8.S&WI Gen Admn 4200

ACME (Ministrial) Cadre

1.Chos 4600 Ministrial Civil Engg
2.Jr Clerk 1900 Ministrial Civil Engg
3.OS 4200 Ministrial Civil Engg
4.Sr Clerk 2800 Ministrial Civil Engg
5.ChOS 4600 Comml
6.Clerk 1900 Comml
7.OS 4200 Comml
8.Sr. Clerk 2800 Comml
9.ChOS 4600 Elect Dept
10.Clerk 1900 Elect Dept
11.OS  4200 Elect Dept
12.Sr Clerk 2800 Elect Dept
13.ChOS Mech 4600
14.Clerk Mech 1900
15.OS Mech 4200
16.Sr Clerk Mech 2800
17.ChOS 4600 Optg
18.Jr. Clerk 1900 Optg
19.OS 4200 Optg
20.Sr.Clerk 2800 Optg
21.Chos 4600 Personnel dept
22.Clerk 1900 Personnel Dept
23.OS 4200 Personnel  Dept
24.Sr Clerk 2800 Personnel Dept
25.ChOS 4600 S&T
26.Clerk 1900 S&T
27.OS  4200  S&T Dept
28.Sr.Clerk 2800 S&T

NCR/Tundla College

1.Asstt. Libreriyan 4200 NCRC TDL Gen Admn
2.Asstt. Teacher 4600 NCRC TDL Gen Admn
3.Lecturer NCRC TDL 4800 Gen Admn
4.Primary Teacher 4200 NCRC TDL GenAdmn
5.Safaiwala, Paniwala, Lab Adendent, Mali, Choukidar, Office Khalasi  GP 1800 NCRC TDL Gen Admn.


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