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National Emblem of India

हमारे बारे मे

भारतीय रेलवे कार्मिक

समाचार एवं भर्ती

निविदाओं और अधिसूचनाएं

प्रदायक सूचना

जनता सेवा

हमसे संपर्क करें

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संक्षिप्त नाम



1AC-1ST Air Conditioned Coach

2AC-2 Tier Air Conditioned Sleeper Coach

3AC-3 Tier Air Conditioned Sleeper Coach

AC-Air Conditioned

ACM-Assistant Commercial Manager

ADEE-Assistant Divisional Electrical Engineer

ADEN- Assistant Divisional Engineer

ADG-Additional Director General

ADM-Additional District Magistrate

ADME-Assistant Divisional Mechanical Engineer

ADMO-Assistant Divisional Medical Officer

ADOM-Assistant Divisional Operating Manager

ADRM-Additional Divisional Railway Manager

ADSO-Assistant Divisional Safety Officer

ADSTE-Assistant Divisional Signal & Telecommunication Engineer

AGC-Station Code for Agra Cantt.

AGM-Additional General Manager

APO-Assistant Personnel Officer

ARME-Accident Relief Medical Equipment

ARMV-Accident Relief Medical Van

ART-Accident Relief Train


BCX-8-wheel covered vacuum brake wagon

BD Spl.-Break Down Special

BRN-Bogie Wagon for Rail loading fitted with Air Brake

BINA-Station Code for Bina Jn.

BNDA-Station Code for Banda

BPC-Bharat Petroleum Corporation

BPL-Station Code for Bhopal

BSNL-Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

C&W-Carriage and Wagon

CAC-Combined Assistance Center

CBE-Chief Bridge Engineer

CCM(G)-Chief Commercial Manager (General)

CCM(M&R) -Chief Commercial Manager (Marketing & Rates)

CCRS-Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety

CDO-Coaching Depot Officer

CE-Chief Engineer

CEE(Op)-Chief Electrical Engineer(Operations)

CFTM-Chief Freight Transportation Manager

CHC-Chief Controller

CHC(P)-Chief Controller Punctuality

CHC(G)-Chief Controller Goods

CME(Op)-Chief Mechanical Engineer (Operations)

CI-Commercial Inspector

CMPE(Diesel)-Chief Motive Power Engineer (Diesel)

CMS-Chief Medical Superintendent

CNB-Station Code for Kanpur


COS-Controller of Stores

PRO- Public Relations Officer

CPTM/G-Chief Passenger Transportation Manager/General

CRB-Chairman Railway Board

CRS-Commissioner of Railway Safety

CRSE-Chief Rolling Stock Engineer

CSC-Chief Security Commissioner

CSE-Chief Signal Engineer

CSO-Chief Safety Office

CTE-Chief Track Engineer

CWE-Chief Workshop Engineer

CWI-Carriage & Wagon Inspector

CWS-Carriage & Wagon Superintendent

DCM-Divisional Commercial Manager

DCOS-Divisional Controller of Stores

DEE-Divisional Electrical Engineer

DEN-Divisional Engineer

DFM-Divisional Finance Manager

DG-Director General

DHO-Station Code for Dhaulpur

DM -Disaster Management

Distt.M -District Magistrate

DME-Divisional Mechanical Engineer

DMO-Divisional Medical Officer

DMT-Disaster Management Team

DMU-Diesel Multiple Unit

DOM-Divisional Operations Manager

DOT-Department of Telephones

DPO-Divisional Personnel Officer

DR-Disaster Response

DRM-Divisional Railway Manager

DSC-Divisional Security Commissioner

DSE-Divisional Superintending Engineer

DSE/C-Divisional Superintending Engineer/Coordination

DSTE-Divisional Signal & Telecommunication Engineer

DTM-Divisional Traffic Manager

Dy. CCM-Deputy Chief Commercial Manager

Dy. COM-Deputy Chief Operations Manager

E-Mail-Electronic Mail

EC-Emergency Control

ED-Executive Director

EMC-Electro Mechanical Core


ETL-Electrical & Train Lighting

FAid-First Aid

FA-Financial Advisor

FR-First Responders


G&SR-General & Subsidiary Rule

GM-General Manager

GRP-Govt. Railway Police

GWL-Station Code for Gwalior

HOD-Head of Department

HOR-High Official Requisition

HPC-Hindustan Petroleum Corporation


HRE-Hydraulic Rerailing Equipment

HRD -Hydraulic Rescue Device

IAF-Indian Air Force

IAT-Instant Action Team

IG-Inspector General of Police

IR-Indian Railways

IRCM-Indian Railway Commercial Manual

IRCTC-Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation

IRMM-Indian Railway Medical Manual

IOC-Indian Oil Corporation

ISD-International Subscriber Dialling

IT-Information Technology

JA-Junior Administrative


JE-Junior Engineer

JHS-Station Code for Jhansi


LC-Level Crossing

LCC-Local Command Center

LI-Loco Inspector

LPG-Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LR-Leave Reserve

MOR-Ministry of Railways

MOSR-Minister of State for Railways

MP-Madhya Pradesh

MR-Minister for Railways

MRV-Medical Relief Van

NG-Narrow Gauge

NGO-Non-Govt. Organization

NKJ-Station Code for New Katni Jn

NCR-North Central Railway, Allahabad


OHE-Over Head Equipment


PA-Public Address

PCMM-Principal Chief Materials Manager

PC-Personal Computer

PCCM-Principal Chief Commercial Manager

PCE-Principal Chief Engineer

PCEE-Principal Chief Electrical Engineer

PCMD-Principal Chief Medical Director

PCO-Public Call Office

PCOM-Principal Chief Operations Manager

PCME-Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer

PCPO-Principal Chief Personnel Officer

PCSTE-Principal Chief Signal & Telecommunication Engineer

PFA-Principal Financial Advisor

PHOD-Principal Head of Department

POL-Petroleum & Oil

PR-Public Relations

PRC-Power Controller

PRO-Public Relations Officer

PSU-Public Sector Undertaking

P Way-Permanent Way

PWI-Permanent Way Inspector

RCT-Railway Claims Tribunal

RE-Railway Electrification

RG-Rest Giver

RMS-Railway Mail Service

RPF-Railway Protection Force

RSO-Rolling Stock Organisation

S&T-Signal & Telecommunication

SDGM-Senior Deputy General Manager

SE-Section Engineer


SHO-Station House Officer

SI-Signal Inspector


SJAB-St. John Ambulance Brigade

SKB-Station Code for Shikohabad

SLR-Second Class-cum-Luggage-cum-BrakeVan coach

SM-Station Manager

SP-Self Propelled

SPARMV-Self Propelled Accident Relief Medical Van

SPART-Self Propelled Accident Relief Train

SO-Staff Officer

SOS-International Call for Distress


Sr. DAO-Senior Divisional Accounts Officer

Sr. DCM-Senior Divisional Commercial Manager

Sr. DEE-Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer

Sr. DEN-Senior Divisional Engineer

Sr. DME-Senior Divisional Mechanical Engineer

Sr. DMO-Senior Divisional Medical Officer

Sr. DOM-Senior Divisional Operating Manager

Sr. DPO-Senior Divisional Personnel Officer

Sr. DSC-Senior Divisional Security Commissioner

Sr. DSO-Senior Divisional Safety Officer

Sr. DSTE-Senior Divisional Signal & Telecommunication Engineer

SSE-Senior Section Engineer

STD-Subscriber Trunk Dialing

STM-Senior Transportation Manager

SS-Station Superintendent

TCM-Telecommunication Maintainer

TCI-Telecommunication Inspector

TI-Traffic Inspector

TRD-Traction Distribution

TS-Train Superintendent

TTE-Travelling Ticket Examiner

TXR-Train Examiner

UCC-Unified Command Center

UP-Uttar Pradesh

VHF-Very High Frequency

VPU-Vehicle Parcel Van

WCR-West Central Railway, Jabalpur

WI-Welfare Inspector

WTT-Working Time Table

Source : CMS Team Last Reviewed : 26-04-2019  

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