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Chapter – 10

अध्याय –10

आपदा प्रतिक्रिया समीप के मंडलों / जोन से सहयोग

 (Chapter – 10)


1.Necessity of assistance from adjoining Divisions/Zones :

(i)No division can be equipped to handle a disaster of such a large magnitude like Ferozabad or Gaisal.

(ii)Assistance has to be sought from adjoining Divisions/Zones.

(iii)A division is normally expected to handle an accident of the magnitude involving up to 100 injuries (Grievous + Simple). Threshold levels have been given in terms of injuries, because initially it is difficult to estimate number of casualties.

(iv)Whenever number of injuries is estimated to go beyond 100, assistance should be sought for from adjoining Divisions/Zones.

(v)This is to be co –ordinated by the Chief Emergency Officer in Divisional Emergency Cell in consultation with the emergency cell/HQr.

2.Assessment of assistance from adjoining Division/Zones :

(i)DRM after reaching the accident site should make an immediate assessment of likely injuries.

(ii)Quick assessment is an absolute must in order to ensure that assistance from adjoining divisions can be rushed at the shortest possible time.

(iii)Assessment made by DRM should be based on number of coaches involved.

(iv)As a thumb rule, for each coach that has capsized, 30 injuries should be estimated.

(v)Total injuries estimated would be (no. of coaches) x 30.

(vi)This should be conveyed to Sr. DOM in Divisional Emergency Cell and Chief Emergency Officer in Hdqrts. Emergency Cell.

(vii)Based on the above figures, decision should be taken and assistance rushed from adjoining divisions and zones.

3.         Scale of assistance from adjoining Division/Zones :

(i)As a thumb rule, assistance of 1 team should be sought from adjoining division for every 50 additional injuries, beyond 100 injuries.

(ii)In case of all disasters, following should be used as an approximate guideline for deciding level of assistance required :

- Threshold level                    150 > Injuries >100                            250> Injuries > 200           

-No. of teams                      1 team                                                           3 teams                

-ARMVs                              2                                                                   2 + 2             

-140T crane                       2                                                                   2 + 2 BDs

(iii)Complement of staff in each team sent by adjoining divisions/zones will be as per norms given below :

-                 Officer in charge                                                  Senior Scale                        

-                 Doctors                                                                                 5                            

-                 Para – medical staff                                                           10                          

-                 Commercial officers                                                             2                           

-                 Commercial supervisors                                                    10                          

-                 Commercial staff                                                                20                          

-                 Personnel supervisors                                                         5           

-                 Group 'D' staff                                                                      20                         

-               RPF                                                                                1 platoon                             

(iv)Order of preference to achieve assistance from other division are given below-

           Division                                                                         No. of teams

-Allahabad (NCR)                                                                3

-Bhopal (WCR)                                                                              1

-Kota (WCR)                                                                                   1

-Jabalpur (WCR)                                                                           1

-Delhi (NR)                                                                                     1             

                                       Total                          7

4.             Assistance from Defence & Para Military forces :

(i)Assistance should be sought from nearest army & para – military establishments.

(ii)Railway staff no matter how dedicated and loyal, are not experts in extricating dead bodies, handling injured passengers, their evacuation etc.

(iii)Army has the necessary expertise and are trained and equipped to handle such a war like situation.

(iv)Therefore, divisional/zonal hdqrts. should get in touch with the nearest army command and request for necessary assistance.

(v)Select telephone numbers of Army and Para – military establishments are given in Annexure - VII.

(vi)Additional telephone numbers of Army are given in Divisional DM Plans.

5.             Departmental assistance from adjoining divisions/zones :

(a)S&T Department :

(i)Satellite telephones from ARTs of 5 adjoining divisions.

(ii)5 Mobile Telephones from each ART of 5 adjoining divisions (25 mobiles in all).

(b)Electrical Department :

(i)Generators from ARTs of adjoining divisions.

(ii)Lighting equipments from ARTs of adjoining divisions.

(iii)Portals and OHE masts.

(c)Civil Engineering :

(i)500 additional workmen are required who are to be moved from adjoining divisions/zones.

(ii)Each such division sending assistance should move 250 men along with 5 artisans and 5 PWIs.

(iii)One DEN and one AEN each should also move to the site of accident from each such division.


Source : CMS Team Last Reviewed : 30-04-2019  

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